question about thrush in my 6 week old? help please!?

September 30th, 2013 by Emily

Question: question about thrush in my 6 week old? help please!?
over he weekend i noticed a white bump in his mouth like a milk curd and took him to the physician and they told me it was thrush, they gave me nysatin drops to give him 4 times a day. hes been taking them for about 4 days, and his mouth isnt looking any better, his tongue is like COVERED with white stuff the thrush has spread even with the medicine. is this normal? is it suppose to get worse before it gets better? im really worried because it looks ten times worse than it did before they place him on the medicine.

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sorry but i really dont know:S
take him to the doctors.
as he is only 6 weeks old aswell.

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4 Comments on “question about thrush in my 6 week old? help please!?”

  1. Jane says:

    Keep giving him the meds, it will get better. Also be sure that the bottles and nipples you feed him with are impeccably clean!

  2. kristina says:

    my daughter to had thrush when she was little although it didnt get this bad. maybe call the doctors and make sure. but when my daughter had thrush we boiled everything daily. pacifiers, bottle nipples, medicine syringe, etc. anythng that goes in mouth.good luck

  3. brynnsmom24 says:

    I am not a doctor, just a mom to 3 kids, and after dealing with thrush in my now 3 old year son when he was an infant, on and off, I could not afford the $15 co-pay every time I needed to go in and get his mouth dyed, I decided to do what other moms had adviced me…I went to a local herb shop and got gentian violet. I did so, and my daughter, who is now 18months, also had thrush. I used the gentian violet and within 3 days it was gone. Make sure that if you are breastfeeding, that you dye your nipples as well. It can keep spreading back and forth and also, boil any pacifiers or bottle nipples that may have been used. To dye it, just use a q-tip and spread it in his mouth. He may gag a little, but once it is in, it has no taste. It stains very bad, so make sure that he is either in just a diaper, or clothes that you don’t care if they get stained.

  4. mystic_eye_cda says:

    Many strains of yeast are now resistant to Nystatin and it contains a lot of sugar to make it palatable for baby and yeast of course feeds on sugar. Thrush is just what we call an oral yeast overgrowth.

    Generally speaking any anti-fungal treatment that is going to work will make a noticeable improvement in 48-72 hours.

    There are home remedies that are far more effective than nystatin including grapefruit seed extract (GSE). GSE can be used in infants, it can be used more often then nystatin -yeast can regrow in 90 minutes. GSE can also be used long enough to be sure that the overgrowth is completely cured -at least two weeks after all symptoms are gone -unlike nystatin. You can use grapefruit seed extract, vinegar, probiotics, and most other home treatments at the same time as nystatin -just not at the exact same moment. Just omit or delay by 30 minutes any dose of the home treatment when a dose of nystatin is used.
    My reservations with beginning with the above medications are that the Nystatin liquid contains sugar to make it palatable enough that baby will swallow it. However, yeast feeds on sugar. This may be the reason why it is often not effective. Gentian Violet is effective, but stains skin purple for several days. I have some lovely photos of my twins with purple faces! Diflucan is very effective, but can cause intestinal distress in mom and/or baby. For these reasons, I prefer to begin with Grapefruit Seed Extract as the first line of defense. I have found that the use of Grapefruit Seed Extract as recommended almost always brings rapid relief and an elimination of the yeast imbalance.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial compound synthesized from the seeds and pulp of grapefruit. It is an extremely potent and effective broad-spectrum bactericide, fungicide, antiviral and antiparasitic compound. Tests have shown that GSE is dramatically more effective than Colloidal Silver, Iodine, Tea Tree Oil and Clorox bleach against five common microorganisms. In studies performed by Dr. John Mainarich of Bio-Research Laboratories in Redmond, WA, samples of each of the common antimicrobials or sanitizing agents were evaluated for effectiveness against Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Streptococcus faecium and E. coli. The other antimicrobials tested were considerably less effective than the GSE.

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