recurrent oral candidiasis?

July 8th, 2012 by Emily

Question: recurrent oral candidiasis My daughter is 18 months and has had oral candidiasis in and out of the last six months, m? or less ….. i it goes and then returns a couple of weeks m? s late? Anyone have any theory why? that is, or has had this experience with their own children? S? bottles and pacifiers are cleaned fondoTambi? n hab? a revised diabetes and everything is? right. s she drinks? what milk and water ….. no juice etcy continue treatment for the per? odo recomendadoMejor response: Answer by Stacy

The bottles might not be clean enough.

? Ade your own answer in the comments!

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5 Comments on “recurrent oral candidiasis?”

  1. mommanuke says:

    Try cutting back on the amount of sugared drinks you give her. Also, you might have her checked for childhood diabetes, since frequent fungal infections can be a sign of sugar control problems.

  2. onerockinmamato2 says:

    Is she on any antibiotics?

    When doing treatment, are you continuing it for several days even though the appearance of thrush is gone? Even though the thrush isn’t visible after treatment, it’s still there for several more days.

    Also, make yogurt with live cultures part of her every day nutrition. That will help replace some of the good bacteria that are missing which allows the thrush to surivive.

    Hope that helps!

    (I had thrush after taking an antibiotic two months ago and it’s terrible – hope your daughter feels better soon.)

  3. barpit4 says:

    I was also born with it. My dentist says it never goes away completely, you can only treat and control it. My gums bleed and at times it makes my breath horrible. My dentist gave me an oral rinse, its blue and tastes horrible, but it works. Sorry I forgot the name of the stuff. I have perfect white teeth, but rotten gums.

  4. jssrn says:

    Try soaking her pacifiers, bottles, and nipples in a pan with water and a bottle of regular vineagar overnight. Rinse them, then boil everything. I found that was the only way to get rid of my son’s thrush. Also be sure to treat any toys she might be putting in her mouth and was her hands frequently, as she may be reinfecting herself from these objects. You didn’t specifiy if she was getting breast milk or regular milk…if BM, you may be infected and passing it back to her…just a thought.

    I hope it helps!

  5. Branwyn says:

    There are a lot of good suggestions up above. All of my 3 children went through thrush phases, even I, as an adult did too. It’s very painful. Until the thrush is gone, wash and boil bottle nipples and pacifiers after every use. Don’t re-use anything until it’s been cleaned! The BEST “cure”, if you will, that I’ve found is an over the counter remedy called GENTIAN VIOLET. It is neon purple and will stain clothing, but it is the quickest way to rid your daughter of her thrush. You dip a q-tip into the bottle and then swab her entire mouth with it. Do this a couple times a day for approx a week and you should be free and clear. Her mouth and saliva will be purple. My pediatrician recommended this. ONLY SWAB HER MOUTH! DO NOT GIVE HER ANY AMOUNT TO SWALLOW! (so no spoon-fulls!!) In our experience it’s better to have short sleeves and a bib on them too. I purchased mine at the pharmacy, it’s behind the counter but you don’t need a prescription, and it was $1.79. Thrush is basically a yeast infection of the mouth. There isn’t really any way to prevent it. Our bodies naturally produce a certain amount of yeast and sometimes it’s overactive. It eventually evens out.

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