Remedies for Thrush’s baby?

September 19th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Remedies for Thrush’s baby? My nearly three months old, has had thrush for, ace?, About 3 months. I have been using nystatin prescribed by your physician and your situation does not improve. I can sterilize pacifiers and bottle nipples to day a. Le? This day on cleaning the mouth with water and baking soda mixture Greatest Answer : gh


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7 Comments on “Remedies for Thrush’s baby?”

  1. BayBomber says:

    I wouldn’t do that without your doctor knowing. Does your pediatrician know your baby is still dealing with the thrush? I had to use Nystatin for my baby too, when she was a few weeks old, and it didn’t seem to be working. Then suddenly one morning I noticed it was gone.

    Not that I think you’re not following the dosage times exactly as directed, but this is very important if you haven’t been, and can delay the disappearance of the thrush.

    Give your baby’s pediatrician a call and tell them that it’s not getting better, and see what else they recommend. But I wouldn’t put something like baking soda in an infant’s mouth. Maybe they even WILL recommend the baking soda, but at least then you will know it was doctor recommended and not just something you read.

    EDIT: They don’t add sugar to Nystatin like someone said. if you read the instructions of use, they’re not supposed to swallow it, just get it on their tongues. Why would they add sugar to it? Take a little taste of it yourself to see there’s not a drop of sugar in that stuff! It’s a fungicide, which means it’s something to be applied topically, not actually ingested and absorbed through the stomach lining. Adults are supposed to swish it around and spit it out, babies get the same medication as the adults. All they need to do is keep it in their mouth for a second, long enough to we their tongue with it. So there’s no sugar in there to feed the thrush at all.

    2nd Edit: Irritated Lactivist: Looks like we’re both right, in a sense. You DO swallow it, but you have to swish it in your mouth first.

    “What most people do not realize is that nystatin should be swished in the oral cavity 5 minutes each time you use it. Herein lies one of the problems with this medication as most people are not aware of the amount of time this medication needs to held in the mouth.”

    Honestly though, I’ve never heard of sugar being added. Not to say it doesn’t get done, but I know for sure that my daughter’s had no sugar added, and it did not taste like cherries (I still have the bottle, and I just confirmed what I remember, lol). For sure, you’re right, sugar would hinder a fungal infection, though.

  2. Irritated Lactivist says:

    Yeah, they have to add sugar to the Nystatin so babies won’t spit it out; the sugars just feed the thrush. It has a failure rate of over 50%!
    You need Grapefruit seed extract. It’s the best by far. I used it to cure thrush with my first daughter, and also use it to beat UTIs. :) Check out this article:

    Edit: BayBomber, I’m not wrong; the oral suspension contains sucrose (sugar!). And the directions do say to swallow it. See here:
    I’ve never heard of one you swish and swallow; when my infant had thrush, they only offered the oral suspension I mentioned.

    **The Gentian Violet does work, but it is so darn messy. I’ll stick with GSE. ;)

    Edit: Baybomber, ah I see. They should only be producing the non-sugary kind you had then! How frustrating! LOL

  3. Aiden's Mommy ♥ says:

    He’s had thrush for 3 months?! This is way too long for your baby to have thrush. Your son’s pediatrician should have switch your son to a different medication if obviously Nystatin isn’t working. Call your son’s pediatrician or go to a diff one.

  4. mamaof3 says:

    I had the same exact problem with our oldest child. For the first 3 or 4 months of his life we could not get rid of it no matter what we did. The key is making sure that he really is getting the medicine. As I am sure you know by now, they don’t like it and tend to spit a lot of it right back out. Make sure when you are administering the meds that you put the dropper as far back in the baby’s mouth between his cheek and gums as you can get it, that way it is more likey to get into him and coat his mouth even if he spits a lot of it back out. Follow up with your doctor more frequently than the regular appointments if you don’t see it clearing up, they may need to give him something a little stronger or up the dose.It can be difficult to get rid of but I remember one day it was just finally gone and it never came back. We also changed his formula and that may have helped clear it up, or it may have just been coincidental I am really not sure.

  5. Torigirl says:

    My baby had thrush for about 5 months! Nystatin didn’t do a darn thing for her. Then a midwife told me to try Gentian Violet. You have to ask the pharmacist for it. It cost about 10 dollars. It’s super messy (but Nystatin isn’t pleasant either) It’s purple and i coated the inside of her mouth 1 a day with it. like I said super messy so dress her accordingly but it was the only thing that cleared it up her! good Luck it’s such a pain!

  6. miss_kris87 says:

    My baby had it as well when he was born…

    The medication never worked but after every feeding i would get a clean damp cloth wrap it around my finger and wipe off what i could.

    My mother and grand mother also told me about this stuff called “Violet” its purple and kinda stains the mouth but soon after it went away. I know they sell it in some of the mexican stores and its also known as an old wife’s tale.

  7. Courtney W says:

    Nystatin did not work for my daughter either, she had thrush off and on for 2 months. Her doctor ended up prescribing Fluconazole (Diflucan) and it got rid of the thrust and it hasn’t been back since. You should ask for that. Good Luck!

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