Scabies? The infection? N yeast? Allergy? PLEASE HELP ME! ???????

February 16th, 2014 by Emily

Ask : Scabies? The infection? N yeast? Allergy? PLEASE HELP ME! ??????? The authorization? N as? it all began? a small point or itchy in my region? np? bic above the groin. Pens? nothing. A place with itching? N in the head of the penis? That inner thighs. Not the registr me herpes? and checked it? for everything else? s. When they started the s? Symptoms that I began? a new job that was incre? ably stressful. Alo I had sex without protection? N with my girlfriend for the first time. The eruption? N began? comez have? n reallty mean really itchy. Especially in the inner thigh and thigh. Occasionally over the penis and penis head. But it goes and moved to new spots. I went to the dermatologist logo. y? sab l not a. ? L gave me a cream for general skin rash and some medications for scabies s? Cuz it? L stated it was so itchy when not seemed nothing aa itchy? B? Basically the top of m? seem to feel that they are chewed by insect bites with occasional itching scabs? n bad. shins and calves have comez? n, as? celebrate? kiss an upper knees. forearms region sides underarm torso, but crack, etc. But nothing to anything you see on l? line looks like. It is b? Basically one eruption? N that’s a lot comez? Unseen n with comez? N. at some? n times when you leave red places that seem chunks shower display errors? fom water heat. recenlty i quit? shirt and seemed to me a sotgun shot full of sand. I keep? A mont? N of small red bumps as around the chest is? Magician that does not sting at all. It is absolutely worse at night especially in the feet. I have a round spot on the bottom of one of my wrists that’s roughly on the size of a room that is like the skin into the home and a tiny raw around the edges. Tambi? N a couple of spots on inner thigh that dry irritated skin looks like. recently it has spread throughout the body. is not as bad as it itches. not between the fingers or toes or elbows or elsewhere t? peaks scabies .. Tambi? N my girlfriend stated ten? For an infection? Fungus n a few weeks before Tuvi? Bouquets sex.i without protection? N have started treating scabies cream cuz theres a lot that goes with? Ly not tready deal with all that if I have to. Now the itching is so bad that bites scratched and bleeding skin ys it seems that some raised poison oak and stained perhaps?. ok as? heres my question? ? It sounds similar to what anyone has had? Since you began? me? groin area and penis what? think it was a fungal infection n pod not be a eruption estr s n I could be an allergy to some foods that give symptioms is Greatest answer:????

U superior go check up for proper medical medication n? n … PECULIAR b” appears.” All the best.

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2 Comments on “Scabies? The infection? N yeast? Allergy? PLEASE HELP ME! ???????”

  1. Arju Vikey says:

    I got the worst Scabies experience when my son was affected 2 years back, he was just 5years old.
    If it is scabies, the marks resembles the mosquito bite. Very itchy especially at night. And it spreads throughout the body.
    In my son case I thought it as mosquito bite and left it, then seeing the worst condition I took him to the hospital.

    Better you consult a doctor regarding this and diagnose the type of infection first.
    If it is Scabies, they will give you a cream to apply and a soap for bathing which act against the germs.
    If it is other than Scabies, consult the doctor. and my suggestion is use NEEM LEAVES grind the neem leaves and apply all over your body (before bath) leave it for 1/2 an hour and take bath continue this for a week. You will get good result.
    I don’t know which country u belongs because neem trees are more in our country India. If u can’t get neem leaves ask for NEEM OIL in any Ayurveda shop and apply as like Itold for leaves.

    Because I got an excellent result in my son’s case by applying neem oil and leaves. This helped me a lot to get rid of my tension. Still I am thanking neem tree regarding this issue.
    Follow your doctors advise and meanwhile use this miraculous Plant neem.
    All the best

  2. dina Pistou says:

    Actually, the burning may be caused by an allergic reaction. A small percentage of woman are allergic to one of the active ingredients in monistat called micanazole.

    If you’re suffering from an allergic reaction you should let your doctor know so he/she can recommend another cream to use. If you self diagnosed your infection, it would probably be a good idea to stop using it and try something else.

    Personally I think the best approach is the natural way. Basically the reason you have a yeast infection is because there’s an imbalance in your body. A healthy person has a balance between the yeast in their body and the good bacteria in their body.

    Too much yeast, you have a yeast infection. Too much bacteria, you have a bacterial infection.

    So, when you have a yeast infection you essentially have too much yeast in your body. The natural way to treat it and bring back that balance is to starve the yeast and introduce more good bacteria into your body.

    Oh and BTW – That’s why you often get relief from using the over the counter meds temporarily, and then the yeast infection comes back. The creams aren’t changing the source of the problem. They are just killing the yeast they come in contact with, and not balancing the yeast/bacteria in your body and actually sometimes end up making things a lot worse.

    Oh BTW2 – That’s also why many times you’ll get a yeast infection after using antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body, the good and the bad. When that happens the balance between the yeast and good bacteria is off once again and you get a yeast infection.

    Things you can add to your diet (to help promote good bacteria) are live yogurt cultures (or take Acidophilus), plenty of water, fresh vegetables, lots of protein rich foods, whey protein, raw garlic, nuts, seeds, oils, millet, rice and oat brans.

    Things you should remove from your diet (to starve the yeast) are all sodas, sugars, fruit, fermented foods, foods containing white flour, alcohol (especially beer), antacids and any product that has yeast or mold.

    You can change your diet in conjunction with using the creams that you’ve been using and that will speed up the recovery significantly. But what I would also recommend is to use a homeopathic solution instead. I always feel if there’s a natural way to do something, then it’s best to avoid the chemicals. I would look for an natural product, that can be taken orally to promote re-growth of the good bacteria in your body.

    There are a few out there, I think they are probably all pretty good. One that I have used and was very effective for me was is yeastrol.

    If you’re interesting in finding out more I’ve added a link that has some more info.

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