Should I give my treatment of the infection? No yeast?

February 20th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Should I give my treatment the infection? No Yeast I lotrimine Gyne-7 for 5 d? As, and I’ve been hearing some things about m? All APPLICATION? Ny their country during pregnancy. A dr. gave, and the drug in s? seems sure what I will? do about? l, but not necessarily with an applicator interno.Adem? s, I just lost my tap? n mucus, as well? I’m a tiny worried about using despu? s of eso.Es 5 d? as sufficient? I do not have an infection? No yeast during delivery, but are taking no chances with this medicine, sea.Mejor response: Answer

Paul Phillips
stay away from farms :)

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4 Comments on “Should I give my treatment of the infection? No yeast?”

  1. ZombieMom says:

    Once that mucus plug is gone, you shouldn’t be using the yeast infection medication applicator or not.

  2. Holly says:

    I’m sure it is safe since your doctor prescribed it for you. If you stop treatment too soon, you risk not fully treating the infection. You should call the doctor and ask him/her what you should do.
    Good Luck and Congratulations!!

  3. BB says:

    You need to check with your doctor again. Since your doctor prescribed it to you, knowing how far along you are in your pregnancy, I would think it is safe. However, now that you lost your mucus plug, I would call the doctor again just o be sure.

  4. Francis Bellow says:

    I had a pretty bad yeast infection not to long ago. I didn’t want to take any of those medicines prescribed by my Doctor. I wanted a natural way. You would be surprised at what all these medications are doing to our bodies. I wanted a solution that was minus the drugs and without creams or lotions.

    My itching wasn’t too bad but sex was very painful. That is when I became a little desperate. My friend mentioned a book that she had been using with success and suggested I try it. It was a life saver. I haven’t had any “issues” since (cross my fingers) and I didn’t have to take any pills. yaaaay!

    You might want to give it a look, better than putting those pills in your body, natural is always better if possible.

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