Symptoms of a healing male yeast infection?

July 12th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Symptoms of a healing male yeast infection?
I had intercourse last weekend (protected vaginal, unprotected oral). And everything was fine until I woke up the next morning, I had red marks on the tip of my penis (the gland and some on and behind the foreskin), I thought they might of been just burst blood vessel because they did not itch or give me any discomfort. A day later the marks get a bit smaller but more close together, it still didn’t itch though. I was concerned and went to my docter and did a urine test and everything was fine. He stated I most likely got a yeast infection from my partner somehow. He gave me some canestan cream and told me to apply it twice a day. I have done that and I guess it looks like its getting better, but I’m not sure. I don’t really want to have to make a second trip to go see the doc if I don’t have to. So could anyone tell me what are the signs to look for a healing male yeast infection? It doesn’t really itch, maybe now and then but I can ignore it. Some of the spots are disappearing and not as red, but some are starting to look like scabs (some are bright red). It doesn’t injured though, not to urinate or wash it. I only have been using it for about 2 days now and hoped I would of seen superior results. Do I have to move longer, or should I go back?


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Answer by Jim
Everybody heals in their own time so you have to be as patient as when you waited to have sex with your partner.

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2 Comments on “Symptoms of a healing male yeast infection?”

  1. Linda D says:

    Glad you went to get medical advice. Directions on the medication to use should tell you how long to use it. If not, I would use it for 7 days at least. you could call the doctor or pharmacy to ask HOW LONG TO USE IT; but like I said, it should be on the directions.

    It will take some time to resolve. 2 days is not enough. Refrain from sex until this is totally cleared up as you can pass it on to someone else. Also the irritation of sex can make it worse again.

    Hope this helps. TIME DOES HEAL THINGS and at least 7 days for yeast infection for females is needed so expect the same for males.
    Best wishes.

  2. Wazir says:

    Well for what it’s worth = I think your doctor is wrong.

    Firstly yeast infection doesn’t usually do this so quickly.

    Second I just think this is you being too rough in sex.
    I notice you say scabs = you wouldn’t get this from fungal inf.
    Yes, if you had scraped off skin it would easily take this long
    to repair..

    Also you are Intact and Smegma much better anti-fungal than canestan.
    Just pull foreskin forward and no sex until healed completely.


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