Take Diflucan for thrush – birth control?

August 30th, 2012 by Emily

question? Take Diflucan for thrush – birth control I’m about to finish my third (and? last) week of prescribed Diflucan for thrush in my breasts. I have three m? S 100mg tablets left. I’m in the MinIP? Ldora (since I’m breastfeeding), and I wonder cu? Much time I have to move before having sex without Protection? Ny finish my medicaci? N. They stated they might decrease the effectiveness of birth control and use a m? Whole backup, but I just realized that was never told cu? Much time to use it. ? Thank you! Greatest answer: Your Response

debatable whether effects Diflucan oral contraceptives. That this information Pfizer states it does, but other information? N indicates that increases the effects of combined oral contraceptives, I see nothing of mini-p? Ldoras.Sin But Diflucan half life is 30 hours and mini p? medicine or pills are effective 48 hours AFTER? s of dose. If you move 3-4 d? Ace AFTER? S of? Last dose of Diflucan should be fine should be bienhttp :/ / www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control/birth-control-pill-4228 . htmUsted can begin p? ldora s? progestin at anytime. Use another m? Birth control if you have vaginal intercourse during the first 48 hours of use of progestin-p? Ldora – Protection? N start? AFTER? s two-day as.Tomando the p? ldora of s? progestin at the same time apiece day is essential to. If you take m? S of three hours after? S normal time, you must use an m? Backup birth control for 48 hours AFTER? S taking the p? Ldora tarde.http :/ / www.nlm.nih .gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a602008.htmlLo best to begin taking contraceptives with s? oral progestin what the first day at their per? menstrual period. If you begin taking s? Him progestin oral contraceptives on another day to, use an m? Backup birth control (like a cond? Ny / or a spermicide) for pr? Ximas 48 horas.http :/ / www. pfizer.com / files / products / uspi_diflucan.pdfLas plasm concentrations? policies m? ximas (Cmax) in fasted normal volunteers occur between 1 and 2 horascon plasm terminal? elimination half-life policy? n of approximately 30 hours (range : 20-50 hours) after? s dela administration? n oral.

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