The small birds and large in my garden have disappeared?

August 31st, 2013 by Emily
thrush birds
by a.koto

Question: The small birds and massive in my garden have disappeared?
I have always had small birds and crows, magpies and pigeons but they have all disappeared anyone have this problem.

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Answer by Ellen J
Check with the Audubon Society in your area and see if they know of some reason why local birds might be disappearing. Maybe it’s environmental or something like that.

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4 Comments on “The small birds and large in my garden have disappeared?”

  1. elaine rickman says:

    are there any cats or other animals prowling nere your garden?this would be the most obvious reason,or they might just not be there now and might come in a few days.the main thing could be that they dont feel safe due to some other animals or ur own behaviour…try to find out whats wrong.

  2. wacky says:

    I have noticed that the only birds I am getting in my garden at present are Sparrows, Doves and Pigeons.

    The Blackbirds,Starlings and Thrushes have disappeared in the last 4-7days but saying that there are not many Snails and Slugs about perhaps they have cleared them out,I do live near fields and have seen quite a number of them there.

    There are quite a number of Green finches ,Goldfinches and Warblers in the fields,there is ample supplies of Seeding Grasses and other seeding flowers ,so that is most likely why they are not visiting my garden.

    I have stopped putting out Nuts the Blue T*Ts are hunting in the hedgerows for Insects.

    When there is plenty of natural food about the birds will take advantage of it.

    Additional info. at this time of year most birds are molting so they hide away in undergrowth and hedge rows.

  3. catlover says:

    something is around you are not seeing…fox..or other animal…possible hawk..owl..or you are not keeping seed clean…try adding new type feeders..mine love crunchy peanut butter crackers…i live in florida and have ten feeders..i also feed deer and coons…never had this problem as i also have predators above…hawks and owls…are you using any spray services that may be spraying the areas around your feeders…

  4. lellihunter says:

    This could be because it isn’t season and they flew to different countries.
    Or maybe there is weed killer of fertilizers on you lawn.

    Put a birdbath or hand a basket of bird seed in your garden see if that makes a difference.

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