? There alg? N good home remedy for an infection? No yeast?

February 20th, 2011 by Emily
by RambergMediaImages

Question: There is alg? n good home cure for an infection? No yeast ? I have an infection? No yeast and the m? Physician gave me a prescription. But I want to know if there are home remedies to ease my malestar.En First, some of the responses I am getting are slightly offensive …. me this infection? n of which he was taking antibiotics? ticos for streptococcal pharyngitis? cica … as? I do not judge. Thanks. Greatest answer: Wed Answer Jes? S
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7 Comments on “? There alg? N good home remedy for an infection? No yeast?”

  1. mlgable says:

    No there are no real home rememdies. Use the meds and be sure you eat plenty of yogurt with live active cultures every day or take acidophillus capsules daily to help prevent yeast infections in the first place.

  2. cheryl b says:

    eat yogurt that’s what my dr says
    good luck.

  3. MommaLissa says:

    Yogurt might help…
    But if you can, go to a store that sells herbs and buy one or both things…

    1) Bifidofolus
    2) Yeast killer (different names for it)

    These things are natural and works fast!

    Best wishes!

  4. cheryl a says:

    yes, yougert with live cultures, eat it, rub it down there and get as much inside your vagina as you can for about five days, just like you would with monostat, it really works, also, if you take acidophyllis daily you can avoid most yeast infections

  5. Alicia T says:

    From what I know, there are things that can help prevent – like natural plain yogurt with active cultures (you eat it)-that can help inhibit yeast infections, but I don’t know of any homeopathic remedies. Most yeast infections can be treated with over the counter meds found at local drug stores. If you doctor prescribed you something, it may be that what your doctor sees may need something stronger than the typical over the counter (OTC) products. You might want to call your doctors office and ask if you can use an OTC instead of the prescribed product.

  6. ALEXANDRA S says:

    WHAT IS yeast infections

  7. Cougar says:

    Go on the internet and look up Threelac. Educate yourself.

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