? There are natural remedies infection? N yeast?

August 31st, 2012 by Emily
infection? n natural remedies yeast by Plants
Vietnam and U.S. plants

asked: There are natural remedies infection? Yeast n Greatest answer: Response

Mountain Dew? l

? Qu? you think? Answer below

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8 Comments on “? There are natural remedies infection? N yeast?”

  1. CreamOfSomeYoungGuy says:

    Frozen Yogurt Pop sickles are supose to help … not sure what kind of yogurt though …

  2. Suzane J says:

    Pau D ‘Arco, Garlic, Calendula Officinalis, and some other yeast removing supplements are available on the following mentioned site. Visit it … it really useful.

  3. Lincoln6 says:

    Apply tea tree oil.

  4. return to sender says:

    Probiotic tablets work, as does yogurt. In both cases they must be applied to the source of the complaint. For the yogurt, a turkey baster can be useful.

  5. Stevie says:

    there are several that you can google… one that I read about and have heard works well is taking a peeled clove of garlic, wrapping it in thin gauze … twist the ends of the gauze to form a kind of ‘tail’ and insert the garlic into the vaginal canal, leaving the end of the ‘tail’ exposed for removal.
    Replace every 3-5 hours until symptoms are gone.

  6. William T says:

    None that are proven to work. I would highly recommend against putting garlic or yogurt where these people are recommending you put it. That seems more likely to cause an infection that cure one.

  7. Owen says:

    I have two recommendations:
    Acidolpholis or a high level probiotic – you can get this in the refrigerated section of your health food store. They come in liquid or capsule form – not a topical as suggested by others on this post.
    Secondly, I would recommend “Yeast No More”, link provided below:

  8. rdnek1001 says:

    Acidophilus- You can find it at walmart or walgreens. Make sure you get the kind that has to be refrigerated after opening. It’s a pill that you take and believe me, it works. I also suggest you stop all caffeine and especially sugar. Sugar feeds the yeast.

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