? They may have an infection? N yeast without burning with urination?

June 19th, 2013 by Emily

Question:? might have an infection? n yeast without burning urination I have most of the s Symptoms of an infection? n vaginal yeast, but I have no burning while I go ba year. Ive read about Gardnerella vaginalis and I do not think I have it because there is no flow gray / green scent. I have mo smell at all really. I wondered if anyone m? S you have an infection? N yeast without burning before going to the store and purchase face cream for treatment of an infection? N yeast. Thank you. Greatest answer:

s? Main symptoms of a yeast overgrowth is the itching? N, and often but not always a kind of cheesy discharge. Burning with urination does not happen often, but you can. If you have itching and secretion? N, has yeast and the need for treatment.

? Qu? do you think? Answer below! [Viewing? N ReviewAZON = query "SearchQuery" = "infection? N yeast s? Vaginal symptoms" count = category? To "5" = p? Gina "All" = "1" sort = "default" ]

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4 Comments on “? They may have an infection? N yeast without burning with urination?”

  1. Nancy says:

    You can have a yeast infection with no symptoms.

  2. Rhianna says:

    Burning when you pee is not a primary symptom of a yeast infection. if your symptoms are just itching and redness it is likely to be just a yeast infection. You can buy Canesten over the counter or use natural LIVE yogurt.

  3. shortii_manda says:

    Burning when you pee is not really a symptom so it is very possible u have a yeast infection. if u really aren’t sure u can go to a doctor and they can tell you and subscribe you a pill but if u don’t have health insurance it may be hard.

  4. jeabwjw says:

    Candida can occur also anywhere on or in the body, if you have a yeast infection then it is quite possible that it is in other places in the body other than just the vagina. Candida is very common in males and in children. The symptoms are many and varied. Find out more about candida and how to prevent and cure it at the website below.

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