Thrush in adults? Contagious?

May 3rd, 2012 by Emily

Question: Thrush in adults? Contagious? Hello, my baby? 6 week old has thrush contagious? ? L est? the antibiotic? Ticos and is fed with f? formula. I just looked at the back of my throat and has 4 lil white spots that look like his thrush. I just started a couple of weeks of inhaled steroid a2 atr? S. Maybe it’s something different. ? Can thrush go away on s? thereof. GraciasMejor response: Answer

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T? ??Cnicamente not contagious. Everyone has the body that causes it. However, it is conceivable that COULD? To increase their own level of organization by close contact with someone who has thrush, and as? increase their own chance to do things. The use of an inhaled steroid appears to be one of the situations that COULD? Give an m? S likely to get it. Breastfeeding moms can get from your baby? S, and can get on your nipples. In healthy subjects, yogurt (without az? Car) or take the c? Capsules of acidophilus ol? Liquid might be advised. Moms and infants who might be at risk of developing infection? No, this is to prevent propagation? N of the disease return. The baby? Sa prescription drug sometimes mild antif? Ngico and moms with creams antimic? Ticas.http :/ /

? What? do you think? Answer below!

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