Thrush on my boyfriend ?

April 4th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Thrush on my boyfriend ?
Over the past two days both me and my boyfriend have experienced thrush like problems, on me it’s cracking and itchy with a lot of dry skin and on my boyfriend it’s cracking and dry skin that’s painful.
We tend to use a lot of petroleum jelly when we are having sex and I was wondering if that could be the cause ?
He has place SudoCrem on it will that help of should we try something else ?
Also I’m not sure it’s thrush it just seems like it is if not what else could it be. Me and my boyfriend are apiece others only sexual partners ever so it shouldn’t be anything too bad.
Many thanks !

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Answer by Aunty
If it´s thrush then sudocream will not get rid of it. Symptons on a guy are itchiness and small red spots. Go and get some treatment at the chemist. and use a specialist lubricant like KY rather than petroleum jelly.

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3 Comments on “Thrush on my boyfriend ?”

  1. flip1844 says:

    I had thrush and im male….Got it from my g/f and THAT doesn’t sound like thrush… Thrush is like all red and inflammed and moist. Not dry.. I would see the Dr…

  2. bitegrande says:

    Don’t use petroleum jelly for lubrication. It is not water based and holds bacteria against the skin instead of allowing the bacteria to be washed off. Get some water based personal lubricant.

  3. cirkdone says:

    Thrush is a fungal infection and so Sudocreme, which is an anti-bacterial, will have no beneficial effect other than to temporarily soothe the itch, just as any other cooling cream might.

    You need to attend the doctors together so that he can prescribe both of you the correct anti-fungal treatment. Unless you both follow the course of treatment (and abstain from sex whilst doing so) you will simply keep passing the infection back and forth.

    Uncircumcised men are at the greatest risk from fungal infections as they love the dark, warm, moist area under the foreskin. If he is uncircumcised then your boyfriend needs to not only follow the treatment that the doctor prescribes but also thoroughly wash under his fully retracted foreskin with soap and water morning and night, plus after any strenuous exercise or swimming.

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