Thrush treatment?

September 28th, 2012 by Emily
thrush treatment
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Question: Thrush treatment?
Is it innocuous to have sex 24hours after using a vaginal pessary (500mg) which is treating thrush? (both condoms and oral contraceptive pill being used?) Will the pessary still be effective? (Longterm Boyfriend visiting this weekend)
Or should I treat myself with natural live yogurt, then use the pessary after the weekend?
So cos of the “gunk” that comes out, shall i move until after the weekend to use it? Or go ahead tonight?

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Answer by AKW
It’s fine to have sex. It might not be as conforable as it would normally be though, but it’s fine to do, especially if your using condoms (because he can catch it than pass it back to you again and it’s just a cycle). You might want to have some lube on hand jus in case and don’t let him give you oral because he can catch it in his mouth (on the tounge, not pretty lol). Also just to warn ya, if it’s the paper which you insert up into your vagina, i’ve had it before and the remains of the paper does glunk out of you over the next couple of days afterwards (well that’s what happened to me).

Personally i’ve had sex with thrush; i know bad amy lol, i didn’t nkow it was thrush at the time as it was the first time i had had it. Everything was fine and we used condoms, pill etc too.

*Edit* it’s really upto you, i would take it tonight and it should be moreless fine by 24hous. It’s probably superior to do that than have sex with a sore and itchy vagina, plus the cottage cheese like discharge (if you have that type of yeast infection/if it’s progressed that far yet). Take it tonight i would suggest, farrrr more confortable.

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