Thrush treatment in pregnacy?

June 23rd, 2014 by Emily
natural thrush treatments
by Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants

Question: Thrush treatment in pregnacy?
what Meds can you take. Any natural remedies work?
is that def ok to take?

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Answer by bubbaontheway
natural methods doesnt really work well

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4 Comments on “Thrush treatment in pregnacy?”

  1. panda says:

    canesten duo .
    is the best treatment you can get when you are pregnant ,and you can buy it over the counter ,goodluck xx

  2. Baby No.1 Due September 26th!! says:

    yes canesten is fine although when my sister had thrush when she was pregnant the doctor advised her to use the canesten pessary (a pill you put in your vagina overnight) rather than the cream or oral tablet. ask your pharmacist for advice

  3. infinitiserenity says:

    A natural remedy thought to work is inserting natural active yogurt into the vagina on a tampon and remove tampon after an hour and leave overnight (or if you can find a clean baster or something to inject it in with). For the tampon what you do is pull the tampon back a bit in the applicator to make room to put the yogurt onto the tip and then insert the applicator and push the tampon in. The yogurt should be pushed out with the tampon and into your vagina. Make sure you wear a panty liner of course. This usually works if done for a couple of nights. Wear loose breathable clothing, don’t use any perfumes, strong soaps or feminine spray products or powders down there, don’t take baths – shower instead. Speak to your doctor before using any medications. I’m not sure what’s safe during pregnancy. Best to check with the pharmacy but the others are probably right about Canesten cream and the internal suppository. I would avoid the oral pill from what I read online.

  4. xxxblondiexxx says:

    canestan cream is fine to use in pregnancy

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