Thrush/Cracks In Hooves (picture)?

March 28th, 2011 by Emily
thrush picture
by Noël Zia Lee

Question: Thrush/Cracks In Hooves (picture)?

here’s a picture of one of my horses hooves. she has thrush and you can see it in the picture but what i’m wondering about is this….the cracks in her heels? someone told me that cracks in the heels are sorta normal but if they get too deep and hold in too much moisture that’s where the thrush develops. are these heel cracks “normal’?

oh and the purple stuff on her hoof is thrushbuster.

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Answer by Amy S
Yes, those cracks look normal. They come with the hoof’s growth. Keep treating the thrush like you are. If your horse’s feet seem dry (they don’t look dry) you can apply a hoof conditioner to prevents cracks, but you should get some with normal hoof growth anyway.

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4 Comments on “Thrush/Cracks In Hooves (picture)?”

  1. highjumper says:

    the central cleft is natural, its a part of the toe, but it is true that if your cracks become to deep moisture builds and rots the hoof. the pads under your horses shoes are not good for a moist environment so if your horse stays in a boggy hay pile or a muddy feild pads are a bad idea they collect moisture and let it stay there. but if your horse stays in a well kept stall he should be fine. the only real cracks you should be worried about are stress cracks that develop on the wall of the hoof, the outside layer, these run staight up and down and can seriously hurt you horses soundness. continue a routine of thrushbuster(my favorite thrush treatment) and keep those frogs out of moisture! good luck with you problem, i hope i have helped.

  2. kbuff says:

    Yes the cracks are normal that comes with natural hoof growth

  3. PRS says:

    Some cracks are normal and these look normal. Next time the farrier comes to replace the pads have him put some of the Thrushbuster under the pads. As you know by now horses that wear pads, especiially in wet condtiions are at a very high risk of thrush.

  4. countrygurl32193 says:

    i found that a good trush medicion is mestites medicion it is in a tube and can be squezzed under the padding of a hoof that is wat my friend uses on her horse

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