Treatment for oral thrush…?

October 22nd, 2011 by Emily

Question: Treatment for oral thrush…?
I’ve had thrush on my tongue for about 2 years now (gross i know) and i’ve been to the physician many times about it but nothing has cleared it up. I think i used nystatin about 4 times, daktarin gel about 3 times and also took a strong anti fungal medication but it didn’t clear up. I don’t really know why i have it or why it won’t go, i’m a health 15 year old so my physician really has no theory why it won’t clear up. I never tried any natural treatments but it’s become painful for me to consume and swallow so i need to get rid of it so what things can i treat it with? Like natural stuff that doesn’t involve seeing the physician or anything. Thanks in advance :)


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Answer by Jamesmom
Try Gentian violet, ask for it at the drugstore because it might be kept behind the counter, it is innocuous enough for infants and very affordable BUT it is VERY messy (never apply it anywhere else but over a sink!) and it stains. Your tongue and gums will be purple, but they will get superior faster than with Nystatin

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  1. Fez says:

    It sounds like you have tried all the common treatments, the only other product I could suggest is Fungilin Lozenges which is amphotericin. More importantly is the need to find out why you have had thrush for such a long time as it is usually associated with a weakened immune system, or alternatively a lack of good bacteria in your mouth which would ordinarily compete with a fungus and destroy the fungus in the process. This is often the case in people with HIV and diabetes.
    The fact that your doctor is at a loss to explain what is happening or come up with a successful treatment means you need to see a specialist. Ask him/her for a referral to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist.
    The only home remedy I know of is to eat natural yogurt with Acidophilis bacteria in it. This will not cure thrush but will help restore the natural balance of good v bad bacteria in your body and reduce its severity and rate of occurrence.

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