Tried and true natural remedies and diet for the disease? No yeast? We need your help please.?

October 10th, 2011 by Emily

Question: tried and true natural remedies diet and disease? No yeast? We need your help please.? There is as much information? Wishy washy by Oh No? it’s time It’s difficult to sift through? s of todo.Ya s? by intake yogurt and garlic supplements (not sure cu? nt and qu? frequency). Tambi? N’m taking a 3 d? As OTC antifungal? NGIC (? Can give? Ar my BOD) and sensation? N of relief. I do not want to take Diflucan. Say? not taking oral cure herbal hab groceries? to because we have? to yeast in it, and that’s what I’m trying to fight! LOL = O? Cu? Nta can consume fruit with my yogurt and k? Fir? ? Cu? Nt az? Automobile is sufficient for products such as milk or the addition? N of Splenda to the caf? (I have it? Do that aspartame is well? N FOOD? No yeast)? What? about fasting? Le? somewhere has to do with the pH balance, but do not drink sodas because of az? car? I have no diabetes, but “without az? car” and diabetes have been known to run on both sides of the family.? There is something more? s need to know about natural remedies that I have not asked here? Greatest answer: Answer

The fact you feel a tiny relief from OTC anti-fungal products shows that est? working. It will not “damage your body.” The other things that est? by not har? da? or, but not much help at all contingent caso.Si? aa yeast infections often you should discuss this with your OB? logo.

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4 Comments on “Tried and true natural remedies and diet for the disease? No yeast? We need your help please.?”

  1. CLICKHEREx says:

    You apply natural yoghurt liberally to the affected parts, and it is its acidity which affects the yeast’s reproduction. Try it and see!

  2. darlin12009 says:

    raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar

    drink 1-2 tblsns with or without raw honey in a glass of water in the am and the pm.

    2 tblsps vinegar to 1 at warm distilled water
    swab affected area carefully 3 times daily. treatments for yeast infections should continue
    for at least 10 days.

    my Dr wont prescribe the diflucan anymore, he always recommends the over the counter cream. avoid any processed sugar, and fruits with a high sugar content. white flour when digested, converts to sugar as does alcoholic beverages.

    once you have it under control, drinking the vinegar and water should balance the pH of your system, and hopefully avoid these infections in the future..

    good luck

  3. Janet C says:

    Hi there, Dear!

    Well, there are a couple of things that you can do to remedy the situation. I have found that you can purchase L-lysine capsules over the counter at your local drug store. You can insert it in the vagina each evening before going to bed. This alkalinizes the area and will give you immediate relief.

    Diet should have no sugar in it whatsoever. If you think about making bread, yeast FEEDS on sugar and that is what makes the bread rise, so sugar is a no-no. Eating short-grain brown rice at least once a day will help to balance your body. You can also take L-lysine orally for a week to balance the PH in your body and eradicate any yeastie-beasties that are still attacking the sugar in your system. Unfortunately, most of the people that suffer from yeast infections, also have a high rate of type II diabetes when they get older. That isn’t to say that you can’t nip it in the bud right now. The Macrobiotic Diet, by Michio Kushi is an excellent way to combat diabetes and the damage that is created. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know about it when I first developed the disease in my late 20’s. Check out his website, that I included below in the “source” area. It has several testimonials and various informative blogs about all sorts of different diseases and their cures utilizing a natural, healthy lifestyle and the consequent diet.

    I hope this helps. An apple cider vinegar douche is said to help for the same reason, though I never tried it for an infection. The above remedy I used frequently. I’m a diabetic and sugar is really my enemy. It was also my favorite food, so needless to say, I had a lot of yeast infections when I was younger. Good luck and feel better soon. I know how awful these infections can be.

  4. diamond8784 says:

    Yeast grows when certain conditions in your body are present. Sugar certainly feeds the yeast. I have noticed this with my 3-year-old in the form of oral thrush (yeast). We do not give her much sugar on a regular basis, but around Christmastime she developed thrush for the first time in her life. She had been allowed to eat more sugary foods than normal during the holidays. I treated it by rubbing garlic infused olive oil on her tongue and putting her to bed. It was gone the next day.

    Yeast infections can recur because the bacteria in your body has built up an immunity to the antibiotics that you are taking. Man-made antibiotics are very simple. For example, Penicillin has one chemical constituent and that is Penicillin. Of of nature’s strongest antibiotics, Garlic, has at least 35 constituents. They “potentiate, enhance, and mitigate each other’s effects inside the human body.” That’s like taking 35 medications in one! Bacteria are starting to figure out man-made antibiotics before they have a chance to work. Doctors have begun combining two or more antibiotics to get a better result. (God has already done that-refer to info on garlic!) The complexity of natural antibiotics like garlic give the bacteria a “run for their money” in many ways. And what do you think about the fact that taking man-made antibiotics can CAUSE a yeast infection? This happens to children a lot.

    Introducing a natural antibiotic into your system will do much more than the man-made drugs you have been using to treat your infection. Here are some suggestions for natural treatments and ways to get some relief:

    *GARLIC Douche: Blend 1 or 2 cloves of garlic in blender with 1 cup water. Strain and add eough water to make 1 quart of solution. Douche as usual. (This is more effective than garlic pills because you actually need the antibiotic to come into contact with the infection for maximum results. The garlic in the pills will be excreted in urine which does not exit the body through the vagina.)
    GARLIC SUPPOSITORY: Insert a garlic CAPSULE (not tablet, not caplet) into vagina at night. The gelatin coating will dissolve and disperse the garlic. (I’ve heard of some women inserting a peeled clove of garlic into the vagina – I would if it came to that. Be careful not to nick the garlic because the juice can burn your skin. )
    *ACIDOLPHILUS Douche or capsule inserted at night (can get capsules at Walmart and other drug stores)
    *COMFREY Tea Douche
    *APPLE CIDER BATH- Sit in a tub of water with Apple Cider Vinegar poured in it. This one is good, too, for children who get yeast from antibiotics.
    HYDROGEN PEROXIDE DOUCHE- Hydrogen Peroxide is produced naturally by bacteria in your vagina and kills yeast. If the bacteria aren’t doing enough by themselves, try mixing 1 teaspoon of ordinary 3% hydrogen peroxide from your market or pharmacy with 1 cup of water. Use as a douche once a day until the day after your symptoms disappear.
    **Note: I do not recommend douching on a regular basis-only when there is a medical need. Caution should be taken when douching. Keep the bag below your pelvis and exert only slight pressure, as really strong pressure might drive the solution up through the cervix into the uterus. Likewise, be careful when inserting and removing the nozzle, as damage to the vaginal walls can lead to more serious yeast or bacterial infections.

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