Vaginal Thrush?

May 4th, 2011 by Emily
vaginal thrush
by diluvienne

Question: Vaginal Thrush?
So my question is this. I read online that Vaginal thrush is a yeast infection that causes Abdoman pain and discharge. What else does it cause? I think I might indeed have one because I have discharge and abdoman pain. Does it cause bumps down there? I have that as well. But it also stated something bout Burning when u urinate, I dont have that. Do you think I might have one?
Well I believe i developd the bumps a couple days after taking antis for strept. But I didnt know if it was a yeast infection, or a reaction to a pool for having to much chlorine in it. Thats why Im a tiny unsure about it.
Well with the discharge and stomach pains, they only come at random times. Not a lot, but random. They only last for a random time then go away. The bumps have gone down. I used to have 32, now I only have about 17. It never burns to pee.

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Answer by Chhaya05
I don’t know, never had it but if you have a yeast infection drink Butter Milk about a quart or as much as you can. also yogurt helps to. I use to have this when i was young or if I was on antibiotics. It always helped superior than anything.

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One Comment on “Vaginal Thrush?”

  1. kitdanurse says:

    This is a yeast infection that grows and thrives in areas that are warm, dark and very little air. Every woman has to deal with it in their lifetime.
    Antibiotics can cause it too. It’s best to sleep without underwear to let that area receive air and the environment not so warm and dark.
    Yogurt is good, mostly to help prevent it. Once you have it, it can be miserable. Symptoms vary from feeling a little uncomfortable to extreme itching, redness, burning and pain. I’ve rarely heard of stomach pain, that could be a urinary infection. Yes pain when you urinate sometimes happens but not as usual. Again sounds more like urinary infection. There is a white discharge and the amount depends on how far the infection has gone. You can get over the counter meds, anti-fungal for vaginal infections.
    If you had one, you really need to see a doc, usually once you have it you know what it is the next time. it’s like jock itch for a guy/ It could be more serious. You should not have bumps and stomach pain.
    You really need to seed medical attention. You could have a urinary infection which could lead to much worse problems. Also increase fluid intake, especially water if you don’t have a condition which makes you limit your intake.
    Please seek medical attention and then you will know and possibly avoid more serious problems.
    Good luck

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