vaginal thrush – home remedies?

August 27th, 2012 by Emily
thrush cures by D.Eickhoff

Question: vaginal candidiasis – home remedies Home remedies for yeast infection, I have no itching and I’m in pain, s? download it, and a tiny humiliating as I am s? him on 14 Like not to speak to anyone or see a m? physician .. gracias.Mejor response:

Answer? qu? ‘ve done in recruiting this? had sex with a guy? Guests may? become a disease

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12 Comments on “vaginal thrush – home remedies?”

  1. awponygurl says:

    been in the same boat.

  2. BillyBob says:

    i heard drink loads of water is one?

  3. Lari says:

    it’s normal to have discharge….soif there are no other symptoms, i wouldnet be treating something that isnt there.

  4. Clay says:

    Get some pure tea tree oil (not any that has alcohol)..Dip a tampon into the tea tree and wear it for 30 minutes.. repeat for a few days.

  5. fanovfloyd says:

    I have heard that natural yoghurt is a good cure it works by attacking the yeast in the thrush (Thrush is a yeast infection) you don’t need to have had sex to contract it either

  6. Rose says:

    Are you sure it’s thrush. There are one or two things you can do for yourself at home. But if you’re not sure what it is you have, you must see a doctor. No need to be embarrassed, that’s what they’re there for

  7. almost a mrs says:

    Don’t worry bout what the idiot above me said – its not an STD!!

    You don’t actually need a prescription to get the tablet to treat thrush, its just one you can ask for over the counter at the chemist. From memory its about $20-$30. And make sure you get the oral tablet not the tablet you actually stick up ‘there’, oral one works much better (and not as uncomfortable!) Don’t be embarrassed about going to the chemist about it – they are giving out prescriptions all day for things like this, they won’t even think twice.

  8. agoodquestion says:

    How do you know that is what you have? If you have had a yeast infection before and are certain that is what you have now, you can try any over the counter treatment available. I’ve included the link to CVS pharmacy and the products available there. I would recommend any of them other than the AZO products.

    If you are sexually active or are just guessing that this is a yeast infection, go see a doctor.

  9. says:

    I am always getting thrush! The best solution is live yoghurt inserted at night using a tampon applicator, to the first answer it is not an STD! It really works! Whatever you do DO NOT USE FRUITY YOGHURT!!!!

  10. goldenhoneydew says:

    go and try an over the counter product for yeast infections. if your symptoms don’t start clearing up in 2 days you really should go to a doctor b/c it could be something bacterial in which case theres no home cure for it. i’m originally from baltimore and when i was a teen they had health clinics for teens for situations like this so you’d get taken care of w/o your folks knowing. see if you can locate one in your area( one example such as planned parenthood). if none of these options work, you may have to just be honest and tell your folks. they may surprise you and react opposite of what you expect. good luck!

  11. fasteddy999 says:

    Garlic contains natural anti-fungal substances that kill off yeast is vaginal yeast infection cure and should be added to the diet. Garlic may also be used directly as capsule insertation. Hydrogen Peroxide is produced naturally by bacteria in your vagina and kills yeast. As a vaginal yeast infection cure we increase Hydrogen Peroxide in the affected area by applying diluted with correct ratio with water. Same way, Potassium Sorbate is a highly potent fungicide used as vaginal yeast infection cure to stop the growth of the yeast. As the owner of a wine making shop I have sold many 8 noz packs of potasium sorbate to women. Simply mix a teaspoon with a pint of water and use as a douche.

  12. lil_Qti says:

    Thrush is just a yeast infection – caused by the PH balance of your vagina being too low. Yogurt helps balance it out, but there is not really a natural way to cure it once you have it because the yeast keeps multiplying. You could try buying monistat ovules from the drug store, you insert them into your vagina for 3 days and it helps get rid of it. Sometimes that is not enough to get rid of it though. The doctor can prescribe a little pill that you only have to take once and it is an anti fungal.

    Honestly it is nothing to be embarrassed about, i’m sure every girl has had it at some point so i’m sure you could talk to your mom about it.

    Other things that cause it are:
    -Wearing too tight pants
    -Non cotton underwear (because other materials do not breathe)
    -Being damp in the area, ex. not changing out of a wet bathing suit right away
    -Scented soaps and bubble baths can cause them too

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