Wash your mouth with chlorhexidine effective in the treatment of oral candidiasis?

January 1st, 2011 by Emily

Question: Is it chlorhexidine mouth wash effective in the treatment of thrush ? Three weeks ago to have a couple of mouth sores in the back of my throat, especially in? Area of? Valve, which are so painful that I say? to take antibiotics? ticos treatment to accelerate the Cure? n one week? s taking the antibiotics? ticos that oral thrush in my mouth which resulted in the cause of the tongue for m? multiple small ulcers? ace. S? I want to ask if chlorhexidne mouthwash help? to heal canker sores and what? might advocate foods containing properties antifa? NGIC? ? Cu? L is the sure fire home remedies to cure thrush? Greatest answer: Wed Reply by bird79

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3 Comments on “Wash your mouth with chlorhexidine effective in the treatment of oral candidiasis?”

  1. pretty_texas_brunette says:

    Chlorhexadine will slow the production of plaque formation on teeth. It won’t do anything for thrush. I would go get chewable acidopholous tablets as well as eat a yogurt every day to maintain a proper balance of good bacteria in your GI tract. As you know antibiotics kill ALL bacteria, even the good so you need to replenish that good with acidopholous and/or probiotics. Hope this helps!

  2. nancy s says:

    It probably would burn a lot. You need Nystatin cream. Not totally sure yogurt alone would cure it, but may help regulate the flora in your mouth.

  3. Dr. Sam says:

    There are no sure fire home remedies. You need one of 3 common prescriptions to take care of this. Eating yogurt MAY help somewhat, but if you have a full blown case of thrush, you need the Rx. (Mycostatin suspension, Mycelex Troche, or Diflucan tabs)

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