We have just saved a baby thrush from our kittens mouth. what shall we do?

June 27th, 2012 by Emily

Question: We have just saved a baby thrush from our kittens mouth. what shall we do?
We have just saved a baby thrush from our kittens mouth. His wings seem okaii but we are not sure about its leg.we have tried giving it a worm he wouldnt take it but took a bit of water. what shall we do for the bird other that take it to the vet.Hurry xx how can we feed it and look after it and stuff

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Answer by suzannestone
let it go, it will probably cost you a fortune to take it to the vets anyway!
Or take it to a bird sanctuary. Anyway its probably just stunned..let it go.

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5 Comments on “We have just saved a baby thrush from our kittens mouth. what shall we do?”

  1. melv says:

    Put it in a plastic bag and hit it with a shovel and put it out of it’s misery as i doubt it will survive without it’s mother.

    You’ll be doing it a favour i promise!

  2. lilsophiesweetie1994 says:

    you could put it in a warm place because of the mother normally sitting on it.try leaving first of all in the garden because the mum and dad will be near by and if u cant see a bird and it is about 20mins after then bring it inside and call the r.s.p.c.a.someone will come out and pick the bird up and then they will look after it.

  3. Sassi says:

    It won’t live for long now ..
    its mother wil try to kill it, or will just ignore it completly if you put it back, because it will have unfamilier scents on it.

    It will be really shocked, and this could kill it .. so to try and keep it calm put it in a cardboard bo, which you should line with something, like a towel. Make sure it doesnt have your scents of it though, because this will freak it out ..
    if you have a brand new one, then use it.

    Then cover the top of box, so the bird is in complete darkness .. it will help him calm down, honest.

    Then phone the ASPCA/RSPCA depending on which country your in ;) And ask someone to come collect it.

    The bird won’t want to eat right now .. so don’t worry. If, you don’t want to give it to the ASPCA, for whatever reason, or you can’t and need to look after it ..
    It can eat mush cornflakes .. just mix cornflakes with water .. then pick some up with the end of a straw, and if it opens its mouth, let it eat from the end. I doubt it will though to be honest, and your not its mother.
    You can also give it a worm, or any other insect by dropping it into its mouth when he throws his head back, and opens it. This is it asking for food.

    Always wear gloves when your arund it, and keep it in a quiet unused room.

    Honestly though, giving it to the ASPCA is the kindest thing you can do.

  4. birdgirl says:

    If the bird has ANY injuries from your cat it needs immediate medical attention at a local wildlife rehab. Cats carry a lot of bacteria in their saliva and infection will set in quickly. Look for a rehab near you here:
    Do not take the bird to a vet, they are not licensed to treat wildlife and will most likely euthanize the bird..a rehab will try to get it back into the wild if possible. I also might suggest keeping your cat indoors where it will not be able to harm or injure native wildlife and possible endangered species. Just for the record.. birds will NOT abandon or kill their baby because it has been touched by a human..birds have a poorly developed sense of smell. This is just an old wives tale.

  5. Beth P says:

    Any bird that is caught by a cat needs to go to vet or wildlife rehabber in your area asap. Cat saliva is toxic to birds and without antibiotics it will die. Needs to be checked for puncture wounds and other injuries. Cannot just let it go. the vet visit is free for wildlife if they accept it and so is a wildlife rehabber. To feed it offer seed, fruits cut up tiny, meal worms from pet store. Can also soak dog or cat food in water and drain off excess water and cut up or mix to applesauce texture and feed. Do not give water if to young may aspirate it and die. Keep it warm until you can get it somewhere. Put in makeshift nest out of cool whip bowl with tissues in it and place in box then heat pad under it set on low. Put in dim lit room and then get it somewhere. And just a bit of advice I would keep kitten in house. Not good for them to be out as far as disease and also kill lots of wildlife. If not a option then put a breakaway collar on it with a bell to warn birds that its there. Good luck.

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