What are good yeast infection medications?

June 21st, 2012 by Emily

Question: What are good yeast infection medications?
I’m planning on just going to a Walgreens to grab some for my younger sister, but I don’t know which kind or brand is best! Any ideas?
I was thinking about Monistat! BUT someone please explain to me the different numbers. I’ve seen Monistat3, 1, and 7! SO I have no theory which one to get.

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Answer by The Test is LIFE
I trust Monistat, but it might be more costly than the others.

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3 Comments on “What are good yeast infection medications?”

  1. ♣Clubs♣ says:

    canesten cream is the best there is.

  2. iron maiden77 says:

    There is a product that`s called Detoxatrim which gets rid of yeast and balances your bodys ph.
    I would use monostat to clear up the initial infection and then the detoxatrim to make sure that it is`nt anywhere else in your body.

  3. Alice says:

    Hey I understand what you mean.
    Monistat didn’t work for me.. my doctor prescribed me meds and it made even worst!
    Despite when it manage to heal, the yeast infection will come back again (means it’s not fully cured).
    I realized the only real cure for Yeast infection is doing the natural way so it won’t come back again!


    This website on Yeast Infection will help you. I had a Yeast Infection a few weeks back and that website gave many good details. I got the book and it helped me cure my Yeast Infection within 10 hours without the use of drugs!

    It was featured in the Oprah show before! Oprah Winfrey praised the product and was featured in her book club!

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