What are some at home remedies that help yeast infections?

July 12th, 2013 by Emily

Question: What are some at home remedies that help yeast infections?
i got place on medicine for my yeast infection but it doesn’t seem to help, what are some home remedies I can use while taking the oral prescription?

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Certain fungi like sugar, and they thrive on sugar. Fungi in general are prefabricated to decompose dead tissue and release the contents back into the earth. They are a natural part of the earth.

If you keep feeding the cause, the problem will never go away or dissapate. Fungi are extremely hard to kill. Just using soap or some extremely harsh chemical on them will not do it, because if you feed them the right stuff, they can repopulate very swiftly faster than you think they can.

By avoiding processed sugar, you can dramatically lessen the population of fungi. Even Though not completely gone, it just won’t be as bad as state as if you were intake lots and lots of sugar and processed food.

I’ve known for quite a while that processed food grants them to repopulate. For example, I’ve had jock itch for several years, and I tried to kill them with many different creams at the drugstore, and they didn’t work. Then I tried oils such as olive oil and coconut, and it still didn’t work. Then I used small amounts of gasoline(I poured a little bit of gasoline on a tissue paper) on my penis, and it burned like hell for like four days, but it finally worked and brought them down to nearly nothing.

When it burnt, I had to immediately get in a bathtub with cool water to cool off, because it was stinging – it had to cool off. I just couldn’t stand having the burning sensation all day long.

But the mistake was that I kept intake processed food. They swiftly repopulated and I was itching like hell again – All because I wasn’t getting rid of the cause – I was still feeding them.

Now I hardly itch anymore. Eventually after 5 years, I stopped intake processed food and my itch is gone.

They are still there, its just that they can’t grow. If I suddenly started intake lots of junk food like chocolate and cakes and such, they would begin to repopulate and I would be very well back to the way I was before – itching constantly and such.

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One Comment on “What are some at home remedies that help yeast infections?”

  1. Hownow says:

    Plain yogurt can be very soothing and work well to help stop the beginnings of a yeast infection, or it can just help the itching if the infection is already established. Also, with any prescription medicine, you have to take it for the prescribed amount of time; it can take a while to work.

    The over-the-counter cream medications used to be prescription; they can work too; but again, they have to be taken as the directions state.

    Finally, if your oral meds haven’t worked after you’ve taken all of them, you’ll need to check back with the doctor; sometimes it’s a somewhat different infection than yeast that you’d need a different med for.

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