what are some great home remedies for vaginal yeast infection?

January 5th, 2012 by Emily

Question: what are some great home remedies for vaginal yeast infection?
im experienceing vaginal yeast infection for the first time and im pretty embarrased by it. im 19 and i got it from wearing tight skinny pants all the time, and i dont like telling mother whats wrong with me epsecially if i got this infection. i dont want to purchase over the counter products and i really do like natural home remedies. what are some really REALLY good home remedies to get rid of this as fast as doable because……its so uncomfortable

p.s. ive been wearing skirts, loose shorts, baggy jeans, and cotton underwear to try to help the vag breath lol

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Answer by Amanda
Plain sugar free yogurt.
That’s it. And it usually doesn’t work.

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8 Comments on “what are some great home remedies for vaginal yeast infection?”

  1. allaboutcats321 says:

    yogurt is the best thing for a yeast infection

  2. Alicia says:

    Probiotics. You can get them at a vitamin supplement store or i guess in theory you could eat a ton of yogurt which has a lot of probiotics in it. =)

  3. Patti says:

    You can buy the medicine over the counter now, it is worth the money. Stop eating anything with sugar in it for awhile, even fruit for a few days because sugar feeds it. You can use yogurt inside of you or take a soaking bath in apple cider vinegar and water.

  4. Jaqueline says:

    Go to a doctor NASTY

  5. Mulatic says:

    plain yogurt

    you can eat it, and/or you can actually put it in you.
    (i just eat it, but figured i’d let you know it’s a possibility lol)

  6. daisyrose says:

    the only you get rid of it ,, doctor

  7. Dr. DOLY says:

    see below – Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

  8. Jadea says:

    Plain pro-biotic yogurt with live cultures – frozen.
    It’s a pain and very messy trying to get it up your vagina and onto your vulva, it’s best to spoon it into ice trays and freeze them, handy to have in the house in case you get yeast infections (and pretty discreet as you can say it’s a treat rather than a home yeast treatment). You just pop the yogurt ice cubes into your vagina at night, it’s cold but that can ease irritation from the infection, then wash your vulva off in the morning – the yogurt comes out again more like discharge, rather than the yogurty mess that you’d get if you just tried spooning the stuff onto yourself.

    Tea tree oil is a good one too, you can try to douche but be careful as douching can wash away discharge vital to health of the vaginal walls and can push the yeast further into the vagina. You may want to try just putting a few drops onto your fingers then inserting into your vagina, or put into a little jug of water and wash yourself after peeing.

    There are plenty of other things, garlic is another one that worked quite well for me, just pop a clove into your vagina – don’t peel it or else it’ll sting like crazy, you can pop a string around it to prevent it getting stuck if you have problems inserting your fingers to get it back out. Just leave it in over night, wash well in the morning, do that for a few days.

    There is this site – https://www.msu.edu/~eisthen/yeast/yourself.html – it’s all DIY yeast infection treatments, but be careful as some methods aren’t exactly safe – for example many people suggest using tea tree oil or yogurt on tampons, as tampons are a major cause of yeast infections and generally harmful they are best avoided, particularly if you have a yeast infection or if you’re not menstruating! Hell, it’s from using tampons I had chronic yeast and bacterial infections, thankfully I switched to cups years ago and not had a single infection since!

    When it comes to general good vaginal/vulva health, even if you stay clean and healthy you will get infections from time to time, there are things to remember to stay healthy. Don’t put anything into your vagina that you would not put into your mouth. Stay clean and dry, your vagina self-cleans so all you need is water to clean yourself, soaps can interfere with delicate balances within your vagina which can cause infections – same goes for douching, perfumes, wipes and ‘feminine washes’. Wear white cotton panties, avoid wearing anything to bed and avoid tight or synthetic clothing as these make your genitals warm and moist, perfect for bacteria and yeast. Check yourself from time to time to make sure everything is okay and get regular medical check-ups, also keep the rest of your body healthy. Always wipe from front to back after you’ve been on the toilet. Avoid tampons like the plauge as they are very unhealthy and unhygienic, and commercial pads are also not a healthy option, instead try menstrual cups, softcups, organic pads or other alternatives. Practice safe sex if sexually active, use condoms and lubrication, don’t move anything from anus to vagina without cleaning, make sure hands are clean when touching vagina or vulva, no sugary foods in your vagina during sex play, pee after sex and wash with water to flush away bacteria from your vulva.

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