What are some home remedies for a diaper rash caused by yeast?

November 19th, 2012 by Emily

Question: What are some home remedies for a diaper rash caused by yeast?
My nephew has sensitive skin and is very prone to all sorts of “diaper rashes”. Now he is dealing with one caused by yeast. He scratches, then it spreads to other parts of his body. What are some home remedies I can try.
Yes, we change his diaper frequently, change his diet. He is alergic to milk products and we can not use yougert. He is also allergic to other topical products.
He has seen his Dr. several times. |This is a cons1tant fight for him.

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Answer by mama2
THIS WORKS!!! apply plain yogurt to affected areas and that is it!

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7 Comments on “What are some home remedies for a diaper rash caused by yeast?”

  1. Lez beau says:

    Try using an athlete’s foot cream like Lotrimin AF Clotrimazole 1% (Antifungal). It doesn’t have to be the namebrand, store brand works just as well. Athelete’s foot cream works excellent on yeast/fungal diaper rashes. You should take care of his rash A.S.A.P. because if he gets yeast infection in his eyes, that could be REALLY bad. I had a friend whose baby I used to watch, who ALWAYS had diaper rash, and sometimes it would bleed. I’d put some Lotramin AF on it, and by the time she would come get him, it was already no longer bleeding and starting to look better. I’ve also worked as a prechool teacher with toddlers, and have lots of experince with babies and toddlers. Good luck.

  2. teresa d says:

    why not consult a dermatologist for babies or try corn starch or corn starch with powder, vaseline

  3. rhiannondr says:

    When the weather permits, allow him to be outside where the sun can shine on his bum (but don’t let him burn!). Babies in our family tended to have the same problem and we’ve always used sunshine, weak solutions with tea tree oil (antifungal, if you cannot find the oil itself, look for shampoos that include it) and when the rashes would flare horribly, monistat works great.

  4. Macarena D says:

    My daughter had it several times. Yeast is nothing else but a fungus, and the best way to treat it is with an ointment for feet fungus, I’m totally serious! I ca’t remember the name, but it has something called clotrimazol (or similar spelling). The worst you can do is use diaper rash stuff, because it adds moisture to the area, making the yeast stronger. When you wipe, allow the skin to air dry, or dry it with toillet paper or paper towell. It is important to keep the area as dry as possible. Also, when the baby is well, you don’t need to use wipes every time you change him for pee, because they irritate the skin (even if they say they are ultra sensitive). Just to let you know, my kisd and myself are allergic to Aloe Vera , and most skin products and diapers contain this. Maybe he is allergic to it or to perfume?

  5. sundayschild63 says:

    Many people use LotriminAF on a yeast diaper rash. This product used to be given only by prescription but is now available over the counter. Some would rather try other remedies before using this though. Some of those remedies include:
    Let your baby go diaperless in a sunny spot as much as possible. Yeast thrives in a dark, moist environment, so sun and air will help. If you’re living in a place that isn’t sunny right now, try one of the full-spectrum light bulbs used to treat SAD.

    Make a very weak vinegar solution (1 T white vinegar to 1 cup of water) and swab your baby’s bottom with it. It will make your baby’s bottom inhospitable to yeast.

  6. professional_mother says:

    If he is allergic to yogurt, you can try the bacteria in the yogurt that works to fight the yeast. (If he has a *serious* dairy allergy, talk to your doctor first.) It’s called acidophilous. It’s available in capsules or powder (you can open the capsules to let the powder out. Try sprinkling the powder on his rash and see if that helps. If he’s old enough to be getting solids, you can sprinkle some of it into his food, as well. I don’t know if it is grown on a dairy medium, so watch for allergic reaction if you use it.

    I know of a lot of people who use tea tree oil and/or grapefruit seed extract to combat yeast, although I have no experience with it. But people say it works.

    If you want a more “mainstream” home remedy, try gentian violet. It is one of the most effective antifungals available.

    However…I would say if he keeps getting yeasty diaper rashes it is probably coming through from the other end. He may have thrush (a fungal infection of the mouth) and be swallowing the yeast spores which cause problems after the bowel movements hit his bottom. In this case, he would need to have his mouth treated (and his mother, as well, if she is nursing him).

  7. momtojaandja says:

    Gentian Violet
    You can get it at Walmart or any drug store. I have even seen it at the Dollar Store. Should be about a $1 or so. Walgreens sells it for $10, so you can find it cheaper.
    Anyway, this is used for yeast. Just go and type in gentian violet and check it out.
    Good luck!

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