what are some home remedies for breast/baby thrush?

May 18th, 2011 by Emily
thrush remedies
by Michelle Bartsch

Question: what are some home remedies for breast/baby thrush?
ive been having problems breastfeeding and while my latch might be wrong there’s two people that have told me it might be thrush. It is a burning sensation after he’s latched on and it is painful. What are some home remedies for thrush? I’m seeing a lactation consultant this day to make sure it’s not my latch and monday i’ll see a physician but anything that helps me with the pain helps

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Answer by Abby’s Mama
The ONLY thing that worked for me was eliminating all refiined sugar and carbs from my diet. It really sucks and I was miserable but it was a last resort and it works. Yeast feeds off sugar, so by eliminating it from your diet, you’re esentially starving the yeast to death. I had thrush for 2 months and I tried everything to get rid of it, Diflucan, grapefruit seed extract, gentian violet, vinegar, tea tree oil….none of it worked. Thrush is very resistant and very hard to cure. I recommend trying gentian violet first. I found it at Walgreens in the part of the store that has the Mexican products. That way you can treat yourself and the baby at the same time. Chances are if you have trushthen baby has thrush too. If you have any questions email me.

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One Comment on “what are some home remedies for breast/baby thrush?”

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Good for you for going to go and the Lactation Consultant!!. I would take the Lactation consultants advice on this one. She is the expert on your breasts, latch and thrush/yeast infections of the breasts. Until then a good resource for checking out correct latch is

    http://www.drjacknewman.com/ there are great videos on what to look for when baby is latched on.

    I also thought I could have an infection a while back around my babies 6 week check up and the doctor thought for sure I had an infection and went on to prescribe me very expensive antibiotics, and I’m talking hundreds of dollars for a few pills, because my nipples were redish pink and I was feeling weird sensations in my breast before and after feedings. I later talked with my midwife who told me I in fact did not have an infection and that the sensations were hormonal and normal at that time after having a baby. She told me I would know for sure if I did because the pain would be almost unbearable and shooting from my back as well. Baby would be gassy and colic and not want to feed. In other words it would be total hell!!

    I’m at three months with my baby and again I’m having these sensations and it’s all because your breasts are working extra hard because the baby is going through a growth spurt. Growth spurts happen at 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and so on.

    Your problem could be related to low milk supply from the incorrect latch causing your baby to go off and on the breast during a feed and being fussy at the breast. Switching side frequently will help till you get real help from the Lactation consultant who’s the only person you should be listening to at the point. Your lactation consultant will know what you should do to help with possible latch problems and an infection if that’s what you have. I wouldn’t get too excited about self treating anything until then.

    Hope this helps and hang in there it will all be worth it in the end!!

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