What are the causes of chronic/ recurring vaginal yeast infections?

May 7th, 2011 by Emily

Question: What are the causes of chronic/ recurring vaginal yeast infections?
I’ve had chronic/ recurring yeast infections for months. The physician keeps giving me treatments but they usually go away for a few days and then come back. I’ve heard that you can re-infect yourself. What are some factors that can cause you to re-infect yourself? What are some other causes? I am aware of wearing cotton underwear, keeping clean/dry, not using scented soap, tampons, etc. to prevent them. Are there any other ways to prevent them?

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Answer by Exasperated.beauty
Try taking probiotics. This can help.

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4 Comments on “What are the causes of chronic/ recurring vaginal yeast infections?”

  1. NY_PiscesMom_2009 says:

    The first answer is entirely correct. You need to boost your immune system hon. A weakened immune system can definitely cause a recurrence of yeast infections, your body needs the probiotics to be strong enough to fight the yeastie beasties. Good luck.

  2. possum says:

    It can be a sign of something internal. Try probiotics, and eat lots of healthy food and stay away from sugar… and alcohol too… maybe do a bit of a detox. If the doc isn’t helping you out, go see a naturopath, they’ll give you some hints on detoxing and getting your body back in balance

  3. Dr. K says:

    Sexually active?
    What medications have you tried?

    A few tricks to avoiding those pesky yeast infections.

    Avoid douching as it can throw off your natural vaginal ph.
    When bathing try not to wash the vagina internally as it self cleans.
    Eat more yogurt as most yogurt contains a active culture.

    If you are sexually active you must be fully treated before engaging in sexual activity.
    Your partner can actually have a yeast infection too.He may have contracted the yeast infection from you, if so he will need to be treated by a Doctor too. Failure do get him treated will and can cause you to become reinfected.

    Has your gynecologist tried prescribing Difulcan?
    Generally Difulcan works by taking only one pill. Hope this helps.

  4. jwayne1222 says:

    Dr K gave you good advice, I would add that normal washing of underwear may not get rid of the bacteria, you either need to lose the underwear entirely …commando baby … at least until you know you have defeated the infection, or sterilize your undies.

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