What are these yellow pimple things on my privates?

February 21st, 2013 by Emily

Question: What are these yellow pimple things on my privates?
They look like tiny yellow pimples. They’re on my scrotum. Maybe it’s genital warts? or something.
I have 2 of them. They’re not too simple to see, but they’re still kinda big- uh- They’ve been there for a long time, and I don’t know if they’re supposed to be there or what. I think there are smaller ones all over, but I can’t exactly tell.

This is such a gross and humiliating question- so I figure there’s a physician out there who can help me and a coder who can distinguish me, but, whatever.

They don’t hurt, and there do not seem to be any adverse affects that I can figure out so far. I only notice them when I take a shower, and they’ve become enough of a worry by now that I think I might ask here before pulling my pants down in front of some poor doctor.

Any ideas what these tiny things are? If they’re innocuous or dangerous?

Note: Please make some very very very small attempt at being minorly serious.
or could it be cancer? I think I’m a tiny young for that.

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Answer by Greg
You’re right, that’s a tiny strange, but at first read, they do not seem like they would be genital warts, even though you might want to check out the link below that has a picture page of what some examples typically look like.

Also, there are some things guys sometimes mistake for genital warts, including fordyce spots, penile papules, and male yeast infection. Might do some world wide web searches on those things as well.

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