what can i do about oral thrush in my 12 months old baby?

December 3rd, 2011 by Emily

Question: what can i do about oral thrush in my 12 months old baby?
my baby got oral thrush.. i wonder what is there i can do for it? i wonder if i got it on my nipple too cuz it hurts when im breastfeeding her. at first i thought it was just her new teeth that i wasn’t used to but now im wondering if i got thrush infection from her. what could have caused thrush?? i dont comprehend how she could have got it.

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Answer by dolphin71676
Thrush is VERY common. Don’t panic. The best thing is to give her any medication the physician gives and just keep feeding her. Even if your nipple hurts it will feel superior to feed off of it.

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4 Comments on “what can i do about oral thrush in my 12 months old baby?”

  1. Amy N says:

    you can get some medicine from your GP to treat this. My best friends daughter had it a couple days after she was born

  2. tabi_cat1023 says:

    Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth, you need some gentian violet from the drug store, paint your nips and babies mouth and nurse nurse nurse

  3. piscesnparadise80 says:

    My 3 week old baby girl has it, and it made my nipples really sore (more than the usual starting nursing soreness), so dr gave her oral nystatin (anti-fungal) and topical nystatin cream for me to use on my nipples. If really severe, you can take precription Diflucan. It is an anti-fungal pill.

    I also have probiotics (jarro-dophilous) I rub in her cheeks to balance out the yeast.

    It is common I was told as baby is regulating and balancing yeast (flora) and bacteria. Cutting back on sugars, even some fruits, juice etc., can keep from feeding the yeast (I was on a yeast-free diet for 7 years until pregnant). My baby is just on breastmilk for now, so I’m careful about my sugar and take probiotics.

    Good luck!

  4. Lauren F (BCA) says:

    Aw honey I fought nipple thrush too!! :( It can really hurt! Luckily my breastfed daughter never showed symptoms, which is common.
    Thrush is simply a yeast infection, and happens sometimes out of nowhere. If you or your daughter have taken antibiotics recently, that is a very common reason to get thrush. The medicine kills the good bacteria along with the bad, and your balance is upset. **Make sure to take probiotics next time you need antibiotics, to keep in balance, okay?
    You both need treatment, since it’s VERY easily spread. Do not bother with Nystatin; its high sugar content feeds the yeast, contributing to its 50% and higher failure rate!! Yikes. Diflucan does work, but has some side effects (gave my daughter a full body rash). Your best bet is Grapefruit Seed Extract. You can buy the liquid concentrate and dilute some in juice for yourself, as well as using a watered down bit of it to swab your babys’ mouth and your nipples. It’s fantastic!!! :)
    Here’s a link about it:

    This is the kind I use, and it’s worked great!

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