What causes a nursing mother to get thrush?

April 26th, 2013 by Emily
infant thrush
by D.Eickhoff

Question: What causes a nursing mother to get thrush?
How do we get it? I mean, in our milk ducts? Are nipples? I know how and where an infant gets it in the mouth, but where does it settle in on us, in our breast?

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Answer by kc_warpaint
Thrush is a topical yeast infection. The baby gets it inside their mouth, and the infection transfer to where ever baby’s mouth is when baby is nursing … the nipples, the aerolas, ect. Baby gets treated with an oral antibiotic solution, mother gets treated with an oral antibiotic and an antibiotic cream — wash the cream off BEFORE nursing the baby and re-apply when baby is done.

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3 Comments on “What causes a nursing mother to get thrush?”

  1. sadkitty1 says:

    A lot of moms get it from an overgrowth of the natural flora that is on all our skin. A prime cause is the use of antibiotic during labor, birth and/or the neonatal period in the mother or the infant. A mild case will just affect the skin of the nipple and breast, a severe case can get into the milk ducts.

    Thrush is a yeast infection, it is treated with anti-fungals like gentian violet, diflucan, grapefruitseed extract or nystatin, not antibiotics. Antibiotics make it worse!

  2. Montee P says:

    I think it is the rawness of the nipples that rub against the clothing that a mother might wear, like her bra

  3. I ♥ EC says:

    I’m not an expert on yeast, but someone mentioned antibacterial creams for mom and baby… antibiotics mess up the natural flora in your body and can actually cause thrush. Kellymom.com says to take probiotics (things like yogurt with live cultures or acidopholis pills) when either mom or baby is taking antibiotics. Antifungals help kill yeast.

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