What causes yeast infections before your period?

September 7th, 2012 by Emily
causes yeast infections
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Question: What causes yeast infections before your period?
I had yeast infections before my period three times. What most likely caused this?

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Answer by it’s me!
It’s probably the pH equilibrium in your vagina changing right before your period. Try a yeast infection cream. If it’s reoccurring then see your gyn.

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3 Comments on “What causes yeast infections before your period?”

  1. Porscha says:

    I don’t know a lot on yeast infections but I know you can get it from wearing tight underwear or pants too much. I hope that will help.

  2. ♈ Marilyn ♉ ♓ Born This Way says:

    it’s the change in ph.. refresh makes tampons that help keep your ph balanced during your period, if this helps.. they also make a gel for ph, kind of pricey but it could help sometimes. you might try that as a prevention for the next time when you’re gonna get your period

  3. M*sery says:

    Do they go away or stay after your period? I always feel like I have a yeast infection before every period, but the balance of natural yeast in your vagina gets thrown off before every period. If it doesn’t go away after you start go to the doctor. Also wear loose fitting clothing and consume dairy products and lots of water.

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