what causes yeast infections on babies?

December 19th, 2010 by Emily

Question: what causes yeast infections on babies?
i have a 5 month old
and has a yeast infection

what causes it?
i called my childs physician and they prescribed me a cream

and i feel bad
im not a bad mom
i clean my son right

im just wondering how it happens

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Answer by Timid Women Rarely Make History
Diapers can cause all sorts of infections. Take her to see her doc.

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10 Comments on “what causes yeast infections on babies?”

  1. charisma says:

    sitting in a wet daiper, the moisture and the warmth. Let her dry out without a daiper for a while.. do that to help it go away faster… aslo a few drops of tea tree oil and some tripple paste (rash cream) will take it away extremely fast.

  2. NIC says:

    Yeast naturally grows in moist areas! It commonly occurs in the chin area from drool or in their diapers from their feces.

  3. tbarnes_22 says:

    Baby powder

  4. Justin A says:


  5. falco_aesolon says:

    It’s actually not a yeast infection like adults get. If I remember correctly it’s kind of like diaper rash. Your doctor can give you a cream to take care of it and also ideas to try to keep it from happening again….

    Oh, and ignore the loser who says it’s your fault. It happens to a lot of babies, including mine, and my doctor never said I was a bad mother!

  6. alucard1366613 says:

    As someone else said wet diaper can cause a yeast rash as well as antibiotics. My son get a yeast rash every time has has amoxicillin. Try letting his bottom air more.

  7. mystic_eye_cda says:

    Everyone is covered in yeast all the time. When the natural pH or flora (healthy bacteria) in an area get disturbed the yeast can overgrow. Anything can cause the disruption, but the most common cause is antibiotics (including creams and wipes), and other illnesses. Over cleaning actually makes yeast more likely, scented soap, etc.

    Its not because you are a bad mom, and if anything its because your son is too clean, not that you don’t clean him.

    We always have yeast and bacteria in our gastro-intestinal and vaginal tracts. In a healthy state they are in balance, and both are essential for health. However with a yeast overgrowth, the yeast overpopulates our systems and we have what we call a “yeast infection.” This overgrowth can be on your nipples and in your milk ducts in your breasts, as well as in your baby’s mouth and gastro-intestinal tract. It causes sore nipples and can cause intraductal pain in your breasts (burning, shooting pain during and after feedings). In your baby, a white tongue can be an early sign of oral yeast (thrush). If not treated, it will progress to patches of white on tongue and cheeks. It causes a sore throat and tongue and, sometimes red, sore skin in the diaper area, along with irritability and excessive gas. A baby with a sore mouth from yeast will often not feed well, coming off and on throughout the feeding or feeding in a way that hurts your nipples i.e. clicking or nipple compression

  8. ♥Rolo♥Elijah♥ says:

    No that is not it at ALL. My son had one too. Alot of times it has to do with the mother, especially if you are breastfeeding. The cream will help, alot.

  9. ~Mrs. Ferrari~ says:

    If he recently was on antibiotics, that can cause one, since they disrupt the good bacteria in the gut. Otherwise, some are just more susceptible than others.
    If the cream doesn’t work, try applying plain yogurt to the diaper area at each changing. It’s full of the good bacteria that fight the yeast overgrowth. Cheaper than dr appts and prescriptions each time too, LOL!

  10. Tribal Elder Shay says:

    It’s not always a matter of changing or cleaning habits and it doesn’t make you a bad mom. I’ve seen babies (yes, mine included), get a yeast infection after a sweaty day at the zoo. Antibiotics, also, can help the development of a yeast infection.

    Yeast grows in warm, moist areas. I’ve got five kids, and I’ve seen yeast in a lot of places I didn’t expect. The diaper area seems to be the most common, but I’ve seen it on the tongue (more common with breastfed babies), in between little neck wrinkles, behind knees, in between little fat rolls on thighs, in armpits, crease of inner thigh (at the joint), and between toes. Gentian violet is recommended for oral infections. I always bought the over the counter topical cream for external areas. My pediatrician told me that it was safe for babies after my second or third trip to the office for the same issue. Don’t remember if yogurt is a no-no for a child this age, but eating yogurt also helps with diaper/mouth area. May be applied to areas of irritation on the skin also, but I never tried it that way. Best of luck!

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