What did the doctors prescribe for your infants thrush?

July 8th, 2011 by Emily
thrush infants
by Fergal Claddagh

Question: What did the physicians prescribe for your infants thrush?
Did the thrush effect your nipples if you were nursing?
Did the baby get a rash on their bottom area when he/she had thrush?

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Answer by Lunyta88
they prescribe nystatin oral is a suspension.. 3 to 4 times a day.. it took about a week to get rid of it.. i didnt nurse so i couldnt answer your 2nd question and no my baby didnt get a rash when he had the trush

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3 Comments on “What did the doctors prescribe for your infants thrush?”

  1. lalalalala says:

    We did one treatment of gentian violet…. right in the doctors office. We swabbed his mouth down and I swabbed my nipples. Baby had a purple mouth for about a week and I had purple nipples for a few days….. but that one treatment cleared it right up. Before we went in to treat the thrush…. my nipples were extra sensitive and sore….. they were more of a bright pink and would have a stinging sensation after nursing. My baby did not develop a diaper rash though….. I think we caught the thrush in a very early state.

  2. robsy says:

    nystatin is right.
    my niece had thrush, and my sister went through hell cause it cracked her nipples. i think it did affect her bottom area too. my niece, not my sister..lol.

  3. Nina says:

    Yes, his bottom and my nipples were bad, I take that back, my nipples were HORRIBLE (and they itched sooo bad). We used Nystatin cream on both; it worked like a charm.

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