What equipment do you need if your horse is staying at another farm?

May 29th, 2013 by Emily
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by Al_HikesAZ

Question: What equipment do you need if your horse is staying at another farm?
What supplies does only your horse need? Like does it need a hoof pick if the farm already have some? Can you study the supplies I need if it is staying at another farm?

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Answer by Jennyy =]
Well if your boarding your horse some where else it’s bes to have all our own stuff.

Tack; Bridle, Saddle, Head collar, Lead rope.
Grooming kit; Brushes, Sponges, Hoof pick.
Everything you use basically

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5 Comments on “What equipment do you need if your horse is staying at another farm?”

  1. Leah L says:

    In my opinion I always like to have my own horse tack whether it is just a hoof pick or not. Just either put your name or your horses name on everything and I will give you a list of what you should always have of your own. Cause if you have your own stuff you will look responsible and plus you will alwaysknow where it is if you go to a show then you can bring the tack and grooming supplies with you because it is your belongings.
    - hoof pick
    - brushes
    - combs
    - fly spray
    - fly masks
    - shampoo
    - conditioner
    - treats
    - bits
    - bridles
    - halters
    - leads
    - blankets
    - saddles/ saddle
    - winter blankets
    - First Aid Kit
    - Vet Wrap
    - Thrush Buster

    I hope that I could help

  2. TimeBaby says:

    you should have your own brushes, hoof pick, fly spray, saddle, saddle pads, blankets (ie: rain sheet, medium weight, etc) bridle, bit, reins, lunge line, buckets, and anything else that you use for your horse.

  3. raven says:

    wow I don’t even know where to start answering this question, for someone who clearly doesn’t know much of the basics of horses and horse care.
    Really, I have all my own things, and I lease horses atm. I have my own set of brushes, each one of them has their own halter that they use/only I use with them, my own saddle, my own bridle, my own chaps, lunge line ect. My car btw is a mess atm with all my stuff, thank goodnes spring is here and I can finally get my own spot in the tack room.

    So start small and get your own set of brushes…. and just keep collecting, really that’s what all horse people do, go ask anyone who has owned horses for any amount of time how much stuff they’ve collected over the years.
    btw get a few lead lines, they grow feet and walk off.

  4. Rosi M HPTS says:

    Halter and leadrope
    Bucket (5 gallon) for grain
    Brushes, hoofpick, mane and tail comb/brush
    2 Trash cans for your grain and your bran (Mice will eat it if you leave it in the bag not in a can.)
    Fly spray and sprayer
    Saddle Pad

  5. J says:

    Depends on the situation. As someone mentioned earlier, if you are boarding, bring all your own supplies. If you are evacuating (I just did this so, I know), I sent my horses with blankets, grain, supplements, some hay to mix with new stuff since I dont know when they are coming back. :( and their medical records and coggins papers, water buckets and grain buckets as well as instructions for caring for them since I could not go with. I sent them with their halters and leads as well (makes sense, they rode in a trailer).

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