What happens when a yeast infection is left untreated during pregnancy?

September 11th, 2013 by Emily

Question: What happens when a yeast infection is left untreated during pregnancy?
What happens when a yeast infection is left untreated during pregnancy? I’ve been told 3 times I have one since I first found out I was pregnant and it wasn’t treated now the nurse and physician are saying that the untreated yeast infection is causing me anguish and pain and “leaking” which the leaking is yeast.

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Answer by ♥Think’n'Pink’s Having Twins♥
Left untreated can cause a UTI which in turn can cause pre-term labor

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4 Comments on “What happens when a yeast infection is left untreated during pregnancy?”

  1. Jiffy says:

    It can be dangerous to the baby. Get some treatment for it. Yeast infections are a build up of the natural fungus in your vagina. The discharge and discomfort are your body trying to get rid of it but it can’t be resolved without proper treatment.

  2. Ethan says:

    If you delivery the baby while having the infection it can be harmful

  3. Walkers says:

    Everyoneis giving wrong answers…

    A yeast infection left untreated will not harm the baby.
    You will however have horrible discomfort, red swollen itchy vagina, discharge.
    It CAN pass to baby DURING birth and will present as oral thrush, which is easy to cure after.
    Thats about it.

    You should not have sex while you have a yeast infection because you can pass it to your man and also cause rips and tears in your vagina which can lead to worse infections.

    You can self treat your infection with monistat 3 or 7 – do not buy the monistat 1 though. But do not do this in ur 1st trimester, only the 2nd and 3rd.
    Once its treated eat yogurt wihthe live bacteria every day to keep it under control.
    Wear loose cotton panties.
    Do not ever douche or use soaps / lotions / sprays or anything on ur vagina.

  4. Lisa Diane says:

    Uh-oh!! This happened to me!
    I had never had a yeast infection before, and I just though the itchiness was from being so pregnant and heavy down there….so I never told my doctor about it and it was there for at least a month, until I delivered my baby. The itching went away after that, but when my son was 2 weeks old, he developed thrush in his mouth SO BAD that NOTHING stopped it! I tried everything they gave me (which was basically Nystatin and Gentian Violet – which burned off the skin in his mouth), and it wouldn’t go away — it was horrible, he was in so much pain, crying all the time, had trouble nursing because it hurt….I tried changing my diet to an anti-yeast diet (VERY restrictive), didn’t work either. We were both crying all the time, it was HORRIBLE!

    Finally, by the time he was 6 months old, I went to a natural healer, and she gave me some remedies, and it was gone in about 4 days!!! My doctor tried to say he grew out of it, but I know better — they had no solution, and natural remedies did!

    So my advice to you is to tell your doctor about it so they can treat it and it will be gone before you have your baby! I’m not sure how they are treated in pregnancy, if anything is harmful or what, but there should be something they can do…..GOOD LUCK!!

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