what herbal or home treatments can i give my dogs for yeast infection?

November 25th, 2012 by Emily

Question: what herbal or home treatments can i give my dogs for yeast infection?
their ears are stuffed with brown to yellow yeast and there is no other bacteria found in them. i have bee going to the vet twice since and still they have it. though it went down greatly that their not so touchy. but i hate to go for the third time and pay another 140$ for they wont give resupplys until they check him. im hopping for herbal stuff besides vinager.

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Answer by SunnyMN
I know this sounds weird, but yogurt helps A LOT. A couple tablespoons of plain yogurt once or twice a week will do wonders – you will be amazed. I was!

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5 Comments on “what herbal or home treatments can i give my dogs for yeast infection?”

  1. tarielle_au says:

    Go to this website:


    Search for “yeast infection” and you will find some natural products to treat what your dogs have.

    They aren’t expensive.

  2. Sandra R says:

    Going to take this a step up. Yogurt works because of the acidophillus in it. It is live culture that helps balance the yeast in the system. Go to your healthfood store and get the acidophillus capsules. Twist open the capsule and sprinkle the power into their wet food.

    Often animals including humans have yeast issues after a course of antibiotics. It is harmless and very helpful to do this on a regular basis after you clear up the infection.

  3. Lana U says:

    Yes, yogurt works. It needs to have active culture and no flavor. The bacteria do something to kill the yeast.

  4. mojos1966 says:

    I’ve had this same problem for years…
    A couple years ago a vet told me to mix a potion of 1/2 white vinegar to 1/2 alcohol and clean the ears once a day with that..I did and the infection cleared up within about 2 weeks but I can’t even TELL you how painful that was for my dogs..
    I now have one dog and the infection has flared up again…The original mixture was so painful for him that I decided to do some research and after many hours on the net I’ve deduced that apple cider vinegar is the way to go…Most people mix 1/3 ACV to 2 parts water…I’m going to try it myself because poeple are raving about how effective and pain free it is…Good luck to you and wish me good luck too !

    ps…I’ve spent hundreds on clearing this up with expensive creams from the vet…They would work for as long as I was applying them but as soon as the creams ran out for a few days, the infection would come back….It was upon visiting a different vet for another reason when my vet was unavailable that I was told about the vinegar/alcohol mixture…It worked wonders but I can’t even tell you how painful it was for my doggers…That’s why I’m going to try the apple cyder vinegar this time without the alcohol…I’m convinced, from my research, that it’s gonna work.. :-)

  5. Jasmine says:

    You’ve got a lot of good answers so far!
    I also wanted to mention that the food that you are feeding could be contributing to the problem though.

    There are so many grains and unnatural things in kibble dog food that can cause problems for them its unbelievable!
    Food sensitivities and allergies can cause a great deal of ongoing skin and ear problems for dogs!

    You might want to try switching over to a ‘grain free’ kibble and do ALOT of research on dog food and canine nutrition! You will be amazed at what you learn!

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