What is a natural and effective remedy for chemotherapy induced thrush?

March 2nd, 2013 by Emily
natural remedies for thrush
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Question: What is a natural and effective cure for chemotherapy induced thrush?
I am on lite-dose chemotherapy, and I’ve developed mouth sores and thrush. The prescription for thrush is now not working, and is causing ruin to my liver. My mouth and throat are both sore, I cant brush my teeth or consume solid food. Help!!!

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Answer by MRS. A.
Tea tree oil or gentian violet work on thrush and other fungal infections, both accessible OTC at any pharmacy that bothers to carry it. A solution of Potassium Permanganate will help also.

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4 Comments on “What is a natural and effective remedy for chemotherapy induced thrush?”

  1. Femdyk says:

    yoghurt. plain with a bit of honey

  2. Gary says:

    You need to discuss the use of any ‘alternative’ or ‘complimentary’ medicines with your doctors first. ‘Natural’ does not make them safe, and it doesn’t mean they wont interact with your other meds.

  3. NaturalGal says:

    I agree with Gary that you need to make sure your chemo drug doesn’t have specific interactions with alternative treatments, but offhand I cannot think of one chemo drug that Taheebo (Pau D’Arco, Ipe Roxo, and Lapacho) or oregano oil will interfere with. Both of these are natural antifungals. I prefer the Taheebo because you take it internally but it also kills the yeast topically.

    Also stay preventative by swearing off all sugar (even fruit juice sugar) and all products containing refined flours! So many people take the natural therapies and then completely undo them by feeding the yeast that is causing the thrush…

  4. Nygdan says:

    Thrush is a yeast infection in your mouth. I would think the remedy is antibiotics. Why do you think whatever you’ve been prescribed is damaging your liver? You should be discussing treatment options with your doctor, who will consider what is appropriate in light of your being on chemotherapy.

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