What is candida, vaginitis and yeast infection?

June 8th, 2012 by Emily
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Question: What is candida, vaginitis and yeast infection?
How is candida different from yeast infection? Is it the same as the vaginitis and candida yeast?
Which are some of the best product for curing candida/yeast infection

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Answer by Weezy
candida is yeast infection – scientific study one in the same.

I’m currently going through a sanitize I’m taking Syntol, Grapefruit Seed Extract [(not grapeseed) capsule and liquid], Olive Leaf extract, Pau d’Arco (capsules and tea form). Most of my references has come from Linda Page’s books and Doug Kaufman.
Those listed items will help clear up the yeast infection however DIET is the biggest part. Do not feed it – Starve it.

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One Comment on “What is candida, vaginitis and yeast infection?”

  1. Orri Michaels says:

    Baasically they all mean the same its just that the names are used interchangeably, there are some natural remedies out there, so please speak to yor doctor and dont get blinded by the stuff being sold on ther internet as some of it doesnt work, I know my girlfreind usede to have on now she os completely healed.

    Good Luck

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