what is good for getting rid of yeast infections?

August 23rd, 2012 by Emily
getting rid of yeast infections
by Vietnam Plants & USA plants

Question: what is good for getting rid of yeast infections?

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Answer by Kristin G

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9 Comments on “what is good for getting rid of yeast infections?”

  1. vic0307 says:

    vagisil worked on me!

  2. webdesignerd says:

    Move away from locations with bread factories.

  3. twilight girl says:

    take a bath with vinegar

  4. GuessWho says:

    put on cotton undies, eat yogurt and get some medicine to treat it…good luck

  5. cozyblueslippers says:

    Drink a ton of water, and eat healthy.

  6. Caliigrl says:

    You should go to your ob/gyn, they will give you this pill that will knock it right out, and eating yogurt can help too.

  7. mel says:

    go to target or walmart and look in the condemn section.. theres tons of kinds to choose from, and the off brands are cheaper!! those suck, good luck!!

  8. Taylor H says:

    Ok this sounds really weird I know but try listerine it really works. It’s a old family secret.

  9. Rodeored says:

    Rather than put all the info on this site…….google “female yeast infections” and you can find out the symptoms together with over the counter meds that help.

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