What is the best over the counter medicine to cure a yeast infection?

November 30th, 2012 by Emily

Question: What is the best over the counter medicine to cure a yeast infection?
I have a yeast infection & I won’t it gone!! I have been taking acidophilus pills, is there anything else that I can take?

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Answer by David
your local pharmacy has lots of stuff. ask the pharmacist. they usually are very informative.

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5 Comments on “What is the best over the counter medicine to cure a yeast infection?”

  1. Kerri S says:

    You could try any of the over-the-counter remedies, such as Monistat, Canesten, etc., however, you should always try the lower dose first… meaning don’t try the one day treatment, instead opt for the 3- or 7-day. They are very strong if you’re not used to them. Before trying any over-the-counter treatment, you should consult with your doctor to make sure that they will work properly for you.

  2. SkepDoc 3.0 says:

    There are lots of OTC yeast remedies, ask the druggist.
    A 10% vinegar douche may help
    Acidophilus is pretty much useless.

    If it doesn’t get better, you should be seen by a doctor to make sure it actually is a yeast infection. I’ve seen far too many self diagnosed yeast infections turn out to be other things…from STD, to bacterial vaginosis, to cervical cancer.

  3. Ziggy says:

    You may be experiencing the symptoms of candida (yeast) or something else, but what is clear is that your body (and perhaps your immune system) is telling you that it is out of balance.

    A traditional method of treating candida is to drink a glass of water with 3 tsp of apple cider vinegar prior to each meal. However this is more helpful as maintenance, not so much with a full blown infection.

    I suggest that you cut out all sugar (fruit, white sugar, fructose, etc) and processed food (ie white flour), and severely limit carbs/starch. This is what feeds the candida.

    The OTC methods will only take care of the problem temporarily and don’t get to the root your problem.

    Try a gentle detox program such as the one by Wild Rose. It provides herbs that you take prior to each meal for a 2 week period which will rid your body of candida and other toxin while supporting your liver. It also provides a guideline for your diet during the 2 weeks with severe restrictions on carbs.

    This will help you to re-establish a healthy flora in your body, cleanse your liver so it can rid your body of toxins and start you on the path to healthier eating habits.

    If the problem continues, go to your primary care provider for a pap smear and swab for cultures.

    Best of luck!

  4. Good bug says:

    Yes there is. There are probiotics have been proven to help with vaginal problems such as yeast infection much better than acidophilus does.

    Acidophilus is a lactic acid producing bacteria and any of them are useful as they help to stop bad bacteria from adhering to the vaginal walls but particular strains of L reuteri and L rhamnosus are even better.

    These two have been effective against both yeast infection and BV.

    You can buy them combined in one capsule called Fem Dophilus through Amazon.

  5. Rachel says:

    Honestly, just get the cheap store brand name one. I had one a year ago and didn’t want to pay like $30 for monistat so I just bought the Walgreens brand one and it was gone in a day and a half.

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