what is the best over the counter meds. that can completely cure vaginal yeast infections?

November 14th, 2011 by Emily

Question: what is the best over the counter meds. that can absolutely cure vaginal yeast infections?
My wife has been struggleing with a yeast infection and we have tryed so many things. I purchase her yogurt i purchased her maconizol 7 cream and other stuff that just wont cure the yeast infection for good. I recommended going to the physician but she does not want to, can any one help me on what the best thing to do is because i dont want my wife going through this any more.

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Answer by Daniel F
sadly the best way will be to go to the physician – often the over the counter stuff just isnt good enough.

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10 Comments on “what is the best over the counter meds. that can completely cure vaginal yeast infections?”

  1. CARRIE W says:

    monostat one day treatment is a good one and fast. The over the counter meds are the same ones the doctor will order.

  2. Marriedtothearmy 2 says:

    The miconizole aka Monistat etc…should have cleared it up. She needs to go to a doctor and make sure she doesn’t have another kind of infection that can only be treated by antibiotics such as bacterial vaginosis

  3. richard t says:

    Yougert! Eat and/or spread it arounhd the effected area.

  4. Ava says:

    Try taking L acidopholus (sp?) orally as a preventative measure. It helped me. Clotrimazole cream helps with the itching and diflucan (available by prescription) helps wipe out the existing infection. Yogurt has small amounts of the acidopholus, but the vitamin supplement has enough to do the trick. Yogurt is good for people who don’t have recurring problems and are on antibiotics.

  5. vvhscott says:

    I found that giving up eating mushrooms and lots of air circulation helps! I have also found that when treating reinfections you can build up a resistance to medications.
    Also it can be worse with hormone levels changing with monthly cycles.

  6. lo says:

    Well if it is actually has a yeast infection, doucheing with vinegar/water solution usually helps.
    She could also try colloidal silver at the health store. It’s usually injested but you can use topically to. Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. It kills one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi.
    Your wife really should go to the doctor. If she lets it go untreated it may cause worse problems.

  7. jazzy l says:

    everyone has given you a good list of drugs to try…i was just wondering if your wife has ever been checked for diabetes or if it runs in her family..frequent,persistent yeast is a sign of diabetes…please tell her to see a doctor

  8. esquireinquire says:


  9. ChyTay says:

    A few things can continue to aggravate them.
    In addition to the medication to clear the infection up. Don’t have sex until it’s cleared up becuase it might be inadvertantly reinfecting her.
    If she takes birthcontrol, that can also make you prone to yeast infections.
    Is she taking anti-biotics for anything? That can cause them too. Hope this helps

  10. dymonzr4evr says:

    monistat 7 didnt work for me ….so I use diflucan from the doctor. Its one pill that stays in your system for like a week. Symptoms subside some around 24th hour or so. But its kinda weird she doesnt want to go to a doc. Not to offend you here….but maybe its something else….she might not want you to find out. std maybe. But who knows….be careful…make her go to the doc and have them check under a slide…takes only a few minutes to find the yeast. If its not that…then Im sorry to tell you buddy.

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