What is the best treatment for a male pediatric yeast infection?

September 6th, 2012 by Emily
treatment for male yeast infections
by marsmet525

Question: What is the best treatment for a male pediatric yeast infection?
If the child is uncircumsised?

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Answer by j3nny3lf
I wouldn’t use any treatment on my baby without first checking with the pediatrician. Period.

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6 Comments on “What is the best treatment for a male pediatric yeast infection?”

  1. jaquayummy says:

    I worked in a daycare with 2-3 year olds and we had a male with a yeast infection. His mother bought some monistat and we applied it topically across the scrotal and anal area for about a week. To my experience, the foreskin didn’t make a difference.

  2. Candice K says:

    Check with your pediatrician. You may need to find out if it is systemic or just on the skin. If it’s just on the skin, you’ll probably need a miconozole cream (think, Lotrimin). If it’s systemic he may need something like Nystatin (prescription only).

  3. joinerm1 says:

    the doctor always gave me with my 4 boys nystatin and told me to keep it clean and dry. my sis n law swears by yogurt (eating it that is)but i would not think that a fast cure. the doc. usually knows best though

  4. Kim says:

    Lotromin or Nystatin.

  5. Mee-Maw says:

    The same as for a girl. Prescription cream. Then use vagasile or some other yeast cream once a week or so. If the child is uncircumcised you need to be sure you are cleaning him well at each diaper change. Be sure you push the foreskin down completely and clean thoroughly.

    The yeast has a tendency to grow because of the dampness caused by the foreskin. Complete dryness of the area is impossible. It can then spread up and down the childs private area.

    Please get this taken care of. A child’s yeast infection is just as painful as an adult infection.

  6. Hypermama says:

    A anti-yeast ointment as others have suggested. But DO NOT PUSH THE FORESKIN BACK! As the previous poster recommends. It can lead to tears that can become infected. Only the owner of the foreskin should ever retract it!

    A yeast infection is a yeast infection and should be treated the same way in an intact boy as in an intact girl.

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