what is the best treatment for yeast infection?

February 3rd, 2011 by Emily

Question: what is the best treatment for yeast infection?
how true is it that intake natural yourgot and inserting some of it would be good to clear up a yeast infection?

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10 Comments on “what is the best treatment for yeast infection?”

  1. Rachelle S says:

    I heard eatting it, but not actually inserting it! I would just buy a pack of monistat 1, should cure it right away!

  2. PGG says:

    plain yogurt

  3. new.graduate says:

    This is true. Insert natural probiotic yoghurt on a tampon. I’ve heard it’s very effective and a lot cheaper than the expensive over the counter thrush treatments. Only keep the tampon in for 30 mins or so.

  4. A W says:

    NO dont EVER insert yogurt (or any other food item) into the vagina!!! The sugars in it will do more harm than good. You have to EAT the yogurt.

    Eat one container a day to help keep the bacteria at a healthy level. If you by chance still get one, get the Monostat 7 from the drug store. The 3 day one does not work, you need the 7 day one.

  5. Nick_Manchester says:

    Actually it’s VERY true – with one small exception – it’s natural LIVE yoghurt that you need. Just normal natural yoghurt would just make you messy and wouldn’t do you any other good but I would also want to find out WHY I was getting vaginal thrush, which I presume is what you’re asking about, rather than simply asking about the yoghurt.

    And you can get yeast infections in other places too of course – nails and between toes for example (athlete’s foot) and that would be a totally different remedy – because there are some very good ointments out there.

    Hope it helps

  6. Katrina D says:

    eating yogurt in general does keep bacteria at bay, however I would definatly not insert it, that could cause more infections such as becterial infection and urinary tract infactions.

    If you have a yeast infection right now, try the monistat 3 day treatment…Its the best compared to 1 day and 7 days. Also if it causing discomfort while you pee because the urine is touching the infected area and causing a burnin sensation try taking uristat for a day till the effects start to go away.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Crystal F says:

    Monistat should be banned from the market. It makes you feel like your insides are burning for hours on end! I would go to the doc and ask for prescribed medication. They have a pill that can clear it up.

  9. T says:

    This is true if its the live culture yogurt. You can also do a hydrogen peroxide douche. And tons of people will say Im crazy for suggesting that, but hydrogen peroxide is gentle, its purified water, it kills yeast, and I have done it myself. 3 day monistat will work too.

  10. D.Pope says:

    Hi abg,
    Here are some great tips and also a link to fing out more about natural cures for a yeast infection.

    There are many ways to treat the symptoms of a yeast infection.

    Eat yogurt with a high active yeast culture content. Also avoid foods with excessively high sugar content.

    Wear looser fitting clothing. Tight pants, panty hose, etc don’t allow the body to breathe properly and hold moisture in.

    Wear only cotton underpants and do NOT wear thongs. Satin, silk, rayon, nylon etc are too tightly woven to allow proper air passage. Also, sleeping without underwear can help as well.

    Avoid taking antibiotics when at all possible!

    Wash the external area several times every day with antibacterial soap.

    Don’t douche. This washes away the beneficial bacteria in your vagina and creates an imbalance with the natural flora & fauna.

    Urinate and wash yourself as soon after sex as possible, if you’re sexually acitve.

    Try switching to tampons. Do not wear panty liners unless absolutely necessary and then only for very limited periods of time.

    Don’t use feminine sprays except on your underpants – never spray them directly onto your body.

    Avoid excessively hot baths – showers (especially DURING the infection) are the best.

    Most of these things will only get rid of the symptoms, but what you really want to do is cure the problem. There is a quick and easy natural cure you should check into if you would like to stop yeast infections for good!

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