what is the best yeast infection remedy?

May 25th, 2011 by Emily

Question: what is the best yeast infection remedy?
I have never had a yeast infection and it has been a long time since the symptoms started… finally tonight my boyfriend confirmed that thats what i have. I am really scared now i am not sure what to do. I was wondering what was the best over the counter treatment there was to purchase that i can get tomorrow.
I know it is a yeast infection because when he mentioned it i looked it up and started reading several articles about it and i have everything that it states you should have if you have a yeast infection.

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Answer by L.A.
monstat 7 or 3 day is best. And intake yogurt helps speed the process.

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3 Comments on “what is the best yeast infection remedy?”

  1. Tammy T says:

    First of all, how can your boyfriend tell it a yeast infection? What are your symptoms? If it is truly a yeast infection, you can get something over the counter called Vagisil. Its going to take about a week to get rid of it with this. You can also go to the doctor and they can prescribe you a pill called Diflucan, and it will get rid of it, in about 24-48 hours. Until you find if you really have a yeast infection, don’t have intercourse, because you will spread it to your boyfriend.

  2. William Cartier says:

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  3. ? says:

    Candidiasis, more commonly known as yeast infection, derives its name from the fungal species candida albicans which causes such infection.
    A condition not too serious, this infection can easily be treated with the help of yeast infection medication, most of which is easily available over the counter. Home remedies for yeast infection as well as natural ones are commonly recommended and are also known to be greatly effective.

    Commonly occurring forms of yeast infection include oral candidiasis or thrush, genital candidiasis of which vaginal infection is more common than penal, and superficial skin infections. People having diabetes, cancer or AIDS are more susceptible to these infections, and also those having weaker immune systems. Such persons may also be affected by yeast infections of the gastrointestinal tract, pharynx or the urinary bladder and are at a greater risk of the infection turning life-threatening. Medical advice may, therefore, be sought in severe cases or if the infection is recurring.
    For some people, all there is, is a little itch which can easily be ignored but for the majority of the population with natural relief for yeast infection.

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