what is viginal yeast infection???

July 31st, 2012 by Emily

Question: what is viginal yeast infection???
does anyone know how you can get it or if any liquids come out of you and how to prevent it??

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Answer by Barkditch
A vaginal yeast infection is generally thrush, which is an infection caused by a bacteria called candida. Women naturally have candida in their vagina, but it is only when this bacteria gets to a level where it is out of equilibrium that it will actually cause problems. I find that I personally get thrush if I am run down or have taken antibiotics. It is basically a really itchy sensation and inflamed red skin. There shouldn’t be any liquids that I know of. It is easily treated, with a cream that you insert into your vagina with an applicator (do it just before bed and wear a pad, as it can get messy) or a pessary which is a tiny paper that you also insert into your vagina. There are even oral tablets these days too. And you can pass it on to your sexual partner if their candida levels in their body are high too. Men get tiny dots under the foreskin and itching as well. Fairly normal to get thrush maybe once or twice each year or couple of years, but if you are finding you are getting it “all the time” you need to see your doctor.

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  1. sweet sue says:

    A yeast infection is an overgrowth of candidias, a normal bug (flora) found in the mouth and vaginal area. Orally it is called Thrush. Both are very irritating. It is Not an STD. It is usually caused by taking antibiotics that kill off the other normal bugs in the vaginal area (or mouth) letting the candidas overgrow. Some people believe that eating plain yogurt can help to restore the natural flora (bacteria) to the vaginal area when on antibiotics. Yeast infections are easy to treat with over the counter medicines like Monostat. If you have never had a documented yeast infection, it is best to see an OBGyne Dr. to make the correct diagnosis and treatment. Once you have had one, you can tell again. If you choose to treat with Monistat or such without confirming with a Dr., follow up with a Dr. if the treatment doesn’t work. It may not be a yeast infection. Also Thrush (oral) is found in infants also so it is definitely not sexually transmitted.

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