What kind of breastfeeding problems have you gone through?

December 29th, 2012 by Emily

Question: What kind of breastfeeding problems have you gone through?
For me there ’s nearly always something. My baby is 13 months, and even now there’s nearly always a minor or major problem. Right now it’s a plugged duct. Ugggh!!!

I was just wondering if other women have gone through a lot also, or if I’m just an odd ball!

Thanks in advance for sharing.

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Answer by Winter Glory
my breast milk gave both of my children stomach cramps, and they had to be place on a lactose free formula when they were about 8 weeks

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17 Comments on “What kind of breastfeeding problems have you gone through?”

  1. Chris L. says:

    I had mastitis twice with my last child, now my son is 9 months old and I had mastitis once and now yeast after the antibiotics. My first 2 babies no problems at all, all babies fed 9-11 months breastfeeding. It is much harder as they get older since they do not nurse as much, now my son hates my right side so it is like throbbing, he just bites me if I put him on it, but he guzzles down the left one!

  2. seattle mom says:

    i had mastitis twice in the first month — horrible. then i had milk supply problems. then my daughter revealed a protein sensitivity and had to be switched to neocate formula! it was really disappointing and i mourned having to stop breastfeeding her (and, i have to add, i am furious at the judgements i receive from people who do not know or do not believe the problem that led us to stop). anyway, sorry about the tangent. my point is: you are not an oddball. great job keeping it up this long!

  3. Charlee's Mama says:

    My daughter also has a side preference which is painful, but also makes me look weird with one full breast and one empty one most of the time =)

  4. Nolans Mommy says:

    I had mastitis when my son was about 3 or 4 weeks old. Man I swear I would rather have gone through childbrith again at that time than have that. It was the worst pain that I had ever dealt with in my life. Fever, chills, pain in my breast, it was burning up I thought I was going to die lol. But it went away. I have had blocked milk ducts a few times and they’re also painful, you just have to keep them empty I guess. But it’s worth it eh? :)

  5. Cupid says:

    First of all, congratulations to you for breastfeeding for 13 months!!! That is awesome… only 11% of women who attempt to or start breastfeeding at birth even make it to 6 months.
    My son is 4.5 months old now.. so it’s a breeze, but the first 5 weeks of breastfeeding were aweful. I wanted to give up so many times but kept thinking about the benefits breastfeeding provides so I stuck through it. I had EXTREME nipple soreness, they were dry and cracked and I had pain from the minute he started feeding until he was done eating. I had trouble getting him to latch because my nipple areola area is so huge.. and I also couldn’t relax. After 5 weeks of working with friends and a lactation consultant.. it finally fell into place. Now, I really love breastfeeding my son and the bonding experience is so wonderful. He hasn’t gotten any teeth yet so we’ll see if he bites me. :o )
    Best Wishes to you!

  6. impnaughton says:

    Well, my son is 3 weeks old tomorrow and so far my only problem is a very fast let down. The poor child gets splashed in the face every time he lets go of the breast lol. He gulps the milk down and takes in a lot of air with it, so it takes ages to wind him and settle him down. I was really worried that i wouldnt have enough milk or that he wouldnt take to the breast. I was not expecting the Niagara Falls!!!I am hoping it gets easier once he gets a bit older.

  7. jatay says:

    We had latching issues from the start b/c one of my nipples was kinda flat, so the lactation consultant gave me a nipple shield to use. Long story short, my daughter started to prefer the shield and would refuse my breasts without it, so here we are almost 6 months later and we are still using the shield, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right?

    I also didn’t realize that dairy in my diet could upset my breastfeeding baby so much. My pregnancy cravings carried over and I was eating cheese, ice cream, frosty’s, etc. Well after a while we finally figured it out, adjust my diet, and had a MUCh happier baby :)

    I also had supply issues, first too much, then not enough, now it’s almost leveled out, I think *knock on wood*.

    Now my daughter is getting 5, yes, FIVE teeth in at the same time in addition to the 2 she already has. So, sometimes getting her to nurse is difficult, she tends to “snack” lately.

    It’s tough, but whoever said raising kids is easy??? :)

  8. Miss Scarlett in the Library says:

    Thrush, cracked nipples, engorgement (doesn’t everyone though?). All in all, it could have been worse, and was worth it.

  9. Chell927 says:

    No you’re not an odd ball! With my son I got dry/cracked nipples it was so painful to nurse I eventually had to stop, but luckily he was 16 months so I didn’t feel bad. Good for you to bf this long :)

  10. irini08 says:

    First, my baby did not latch on properly until day 9 of his life, so just the stress of dealing w/that was tough. Then, I had mastitis 2 times within the first 6 weeks. After that, just sleepless nights full of breastfeeding and repeated clogged ducts which made me feel that I was always on the verge of mastitis. Lastly, my son was very gassy and docs thought he had a milk protein allergy, so I had to try eliminating dairy products…never really worked. Anyway, I went on to breastfeed for a year and I don’t regret a thing. Good for you, Mama!!

  11. Ah Kbee says:

    I ran into problems from the start…a bad latch, and then bad advice from my own family and my doctor. By the time my son was 3 months, he was fully on formula. I tried to relactate until I was exhausted and only got a tablespoon a day. I had to stop, sadly. I’ve learned from my mistakes and know that next time will be different.

  12. cherikonline says:

    Wow, congratuations on 13 months of breastfeeding! What a great start for your baby. I hope breastfeeding hasn’t all been challenges for you. Have you had much contact with other breastfeeding moms? Being part of a La Leche League group really helped me, because I made friends with other breastfeeding mothers, and could learn what to expect as my babies got older. Plus, I had lots of resources when we did encounter challenges.

    We don’t live in a breastfeeding culture; although most babies are breastfed in the first few days after birth now, by 6 months most babies have been weaned to formula. Most mothers don’t have much, if any, support for breastfeeding. I think too many moms in our society think that encountering a breastfeeding challenge means she has to wean. I hope by the time my daughter has children, she is surrounded by other breastfeeding mothers, knows how to avoid common challenges, and has lots of resources for help if she does encounter problems!

    We had a lot of problems initially. My twins were full-term, born via unsceduled Cesarean. About the only problem I DIDN’T have was sore nipples. I didn’t have enough milk at first, my babies were sleepy, so we were waking babies, supplementing with formula, using a supplemental nursing system, and worrying a ton during those first 5-6 weeks. And after we finally weaned from the formula and I was exclusively breastfeeding, I got my first episode of mastitis. I had mastitis several times, but was always able to resolve it with home care and didn’t have to take antibiotics. I had recurrent plugged ducts (have you tried taking lecithin? that really helped me) and a round of thrush. I struggled with pumping enough milk for my babies when I was at work.

    But, those episodes were just that – episodes. For the most part, once we got over the initial challenges, breastfeeding was rewarding and routine. I didn’t have to think about it – I just always was able to feed and comfort my children (who nursed for several years since we followed child-led weaning). The problems pale in comparision to the overall picture.

  13. Sunshine Swirl says:

    With both children I had very low supplies of milk supply after about 3 months, unfortunately for my daughter we didn’t have a solution and ended at 10 months. This was after poor latching (she was extremely lazy), no good support (both mother and mother-in-law breastfed, but their advice was not any help), people always offering formula (which I took), and PPD!! For my son, I could only produce enough milk while using high doses of Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle until a couple months ago when all of a sudden I had ample supplies of milk just like when he was first born!! Then all the regs of cracked and bleeding nipples, sore nipples from poor latches and this other thing that was thought to be thrush, but LC had no idea what it was (painful but cleared up on its own).

  14. starpath says:

    Well done for breast feeding your baby and giving him/her a good start.

  15. emlynsmommy says:

    I’ve been blessed to have a pretty smooth ride, however it didn’t start off so smoothly! The first couple of weeks we had major problems with latching on – I finally broke down and resorted to a nipple shield, much to my disappointment and fear. However, I was determined, and within a couple of weeks with the shield, it was no longer needed.
    I didn’t have any problems with sore nipples until I started menstruating again – then I cracked and bled! I used lansinoh like it was going out of style, but I couldn’t really get it to heal because she nursed so often and would re-open the cracks. Finally, I went back to the shield, and with just a day of that (she hated it, poor baby), I was able to heal enough that they didn’t re-open.
    When I went back to a normal bra, I had some issues (due to vanity, really) for a weekend. I was away at midwifery conference, and wanted to wear my good bras – you know, the ones that hike your boobs up like a teenager again? The only issue was that it was an underwire – everytime I went to nurse, I would flip the whole thing up, like raising a flap. It worked okay except that it squished my boob and (painfully)clogged the ducts! Luckily, I got over the vanity, took some hot showers and massaged out the clogs pretty quickly – now I know better than to let my vanity get the best of me!

  16. Akira's Mommy says:

    I don’t have any. I’m a La Leche League member and they taught me everything about breastfeeding and luckily I was blessed with a baby that eats a good amount so I don’t get engorged and he latches on perfectly.

  17. mystic_eye_cda says:

    I had trouble getting a good latch with my first. That took a few weeks of constant problems to resolve. Then I had plugged ducts a couple of times the second month. With my second I had a bad breast infection (yeast) because I was killing myself trying to do it all, with a cold and no sleep.

    Maybe you need to take better care of yourself?

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