what would be a good muffler for a 1991 v6 camry?

May 21st, 2013 by Emily
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Question: what would be a good muffler for a 1991 v6 camry?
I have a custom intake, and am looking for a muffler. Advance auto suggested thrush or cherry bomb turbo, but everything sounds so different depending on the car. I wouldn’t want to spend 200 on a flowmaster and end up sounding horrible on my car. its a 2.5 L v6.

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Answer by Toyota Obsession
Flowmaster will sound good. Hence why it’s 0.

A Cherry Bomb will sound like ass. They are loud and annoying. It’s just a straight pipe with some insulation. You do not want a Cherry Bomb it will drive you insane in short order.

If the Flowmaster sounded like crap they wouldn’t sell any Mufflers. Let alone sell them at 0 a pop.

Check around online. There are lots of Toyota Forums that can give you first hand advice on what sounds good.

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