What’s the most effective diet to start eliminating candida yeast from my body?

June 10th, 2013 by Emily

Question: What’s the most effective diet to begin eliminating candida yeast from my body?
I’m 19 yrs old and I’m positive that I have an overgrowth of candida.
thanks guys.

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Answer by Sarah
Well lots and lots of yogurt works, as it is a prebiotic and will fight off the over production of yeast. I personally have never like the taste of yogurt, so I just went to the drug store, and picked up a chewable paper known as acidipholus. Which is place simply, yogurt in a tablet. These methods only work if it isnt too progressed. If it is, you might need cream.

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5 Comments on “What’s the most effective diet to start eliminating candida yeast from my body?”

  1. Weise Ente says:

    No, no you don’t. No one does.

    Candida overgrowth is a fictitious condition invented by a quack in the 80’s to sell books and treatments. There is not a single medical paper on it. In reality, Candida albicans only causes minor skin or vaginal infections. It is only serious in those who have a severely compromised immune system where it can be a life-threatening illness.

    The diet that is recommended is equally nonsense. Avoiding simple sugars will have little impact on your normal flora. Simple sugars are readily absorbed. They don’t make it to the colon. Realistically, any fungus in your gut is living off complex plant material that bacteria are degraded.
    The silliest part is the recommendation to avoid “yeasty” foods, given that the yeast species used in cooking is completely different and utterly harmless.

    Edit: Note the quack. The yeast species used in baking and brewing is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, not Candida albicans.

  2. Minx says:

    Empower yourself with knowledge in regards to the nature of an overgrowth of candida albicans.. basically it hinges on managing to completely eliminate sugar and yeast ….. candida will thrive and flourish on both.

    Read a book called “Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook” ~ Revised 2nd Edition by jeanne Marie Martin with Zoltan P.Rona, M.D… fabulous reading there for you.

    A few suggestions for natural antifungals are ~

    Oil of Oregano ~ antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic ….. it has strong antioxidant and antiflammatory effects and is quite effective in eliminating Candida ……. not regular oregano but a wild form (wild mountain oregano, Origanum vulgare species) ….. your local health food store may be able to help you with this one… Oil of Oregano has no side effects and oregano is compatible with any other natural remedy or prescription drug……. the active compounds in Oil of Oregano also act as free radical scavengers thus prevent further tissue damage while encouraging healing.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract ~ Go to your local health food store and ask the resident naturopath his/her advice on Grapefruit seed extract.. they don’t usually charge for off the cuff advice and are more than willing to share their knowledge ….. Grapefruit seed extract is a multipurpose (broad spectrum) compound that is currently being used in humans and animals alike to safely fight many types of internal and external infections caused from parasites (single and multi-celled), viruses, bacteria and fungi.

    Grapefruit seed extracts biggest benefit is due to it’s multipurpose (broad spectrum) effect. It is effective even if the causes of the infections are known, unknown or misdiagnosed. By eliminating a wide range of dangerous pathogens grapefruit seed extract actually enhances the immune system.

    Freshly crushed cloves of garlic mixed throughout your green vegies and lentils or brown rice, beans, salads etc……. will also help enormously in eradicating parasites and fungus overgrowth….. garlic arre a powerfull natural antibiotic, antiparasitic, antifungal, antibacterial…… please be carefull with garlic though as starting any new food you need to be aware of how your body responds to it… it may cause gastric distress if you have more than 1 clove to begin with and as well as that …… you may be intolerant to garlic…… tummy aches, brain frizz, achy bones, moodiness and irritability can all be definite symptoms that your body can’t tolerate it ….. i found that out the hard way.

    Ask at the health food store about other natural antifungals such as Colloidal Silver, Olive leaf extract too………. ;0)

    And, of course, complete and total avoidance of any food or drink that contains yeast or sugar ……… fanatical label reading or simply don’t eat from a package and prepare fresh low sugar fruits like pears, watermelon, strawberries, loads of green and salad vegies, rices, oats, peas, beans, lentils, some lean meats, organic nuts and seeds (ground up for easier digestion) yourself ….. and drinking plenty of fresh filtered water …. hydrating yourself properly ….. some people find success by also eliminating natural sugars such as fruits and raw honey…… that’s the final route i had to go ….. eliminating all fruit sugars … even the low sugar ones like pears and strawberries ….. and raw honey for a while…..;0)


  3. neil_patmore says:

    The main things are to avoid sugar, limit carbohydrates and avoid all foods that contain yeast – beer, mushrooms, cheese, bread etc. Also, although difficult, you shouls try to avoid chocolate and coffee too because of the caffeine intake.

  4. dave says:

    There’s a lot of rubbish about this on the internet as minx has repeated here for you. The fact is you don’t have candida and if you did, it has no symptoms so you’d never know unless you visited a real doctor.

    Trust the microbiologist on this one, not the quack.

  5. Flizbap 2.0 says:

    You would need to be hovering on death’s door in order to be overrun with candida.

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