When a man has thrush what does it look like?

June 22nd, 2013 by Emily

Question: When a man has thrush what does it look like?
What does Thrush look like on a man other then having white discharge?

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Answer by fr33kman
Male thrush (yeast infection) has similar symptoms to vaginal thrush. The is a reddened glans (head), white-yellow spots or patches of spots (may just look like one massive spot), no discharge and inflammation and swelling. The penis will usually itch but urination will not usually be painful.

The treatment is the same as for a woman and women’s thrush cream will work. Such a cream is Canesten (clotrimazole) and should be used as directed on the package.

Thrush can easily transfer from the penis to any mucous membrane that it touches. This includes the eyes, mouth and throat, and of course the anus or vagina. So oral sex and vaginal sex is out. Manual stimulation with the hand is fine as long as the hand is properly washed afterwards with hot, soapy water.

Any towels, bed linens or underwear used during the infected period should be boil washed (>60degreesC) or else chucked.

A natural cure for thrush is to use ‘live’ yoghurt and apply liberally.

Male thrush is more common in men who are uncircumcissed since the foreskin covers the glans and traps the yeast inside.

It’s pretty simple to clear up and should cause no lasting damage.

Hope this helps, and I hope it’s thrush– not something else.

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One Comment on “When a man has thrush what does it look like?”

  1. SerbY G says:

    Thrush isnt discharge!! If his member is DISCHARGING.. theres something wrong.. or its his manjuice.
    Thrush resembles .. hummm
    think of in the morning when u wake up.
    Going in to brush your teeth.
    Ever see that white filmy stuff on your gums??
    Thats what thrush looks like.

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